Friday, August 6, 2010

August 5, 2010

I love church yesterday! especially sacrement meeting! The youth of most of France we able to participate in EFY this year. It is the first time that they have done an EFY in France and since the beginning of the year the youth along with their parents have been preparing for this week. Well yesterday it we evident in their faces and in their testimonies of how powerful and stong the youth are. EAch one that bore their testimony said how much they really enjoyed it and how their testimonies had grown. Our leaders are really trying to give the youth all that they need to stay stong in the chruch and have a solid testimony while they are young. The world is going father an farther from the things of God and we all need to be stronger and more sure in Christ.
THe spirit really was just so strong among the youth and it made me thing of Jackson and him being able to go to the MTM!
So we have some new amis. ONe his name is Laurent. We met him one night when Belal took us to get icecream. And Laurnet was our waiter. We talked a little with him while we were eating then as we were leaving he asked us for our card. SInce then we have seen him a few times but not really to teach him. WE tried but when he was at work he and his boss love to talk to us but Laurent would just joke around. THen he invited us to go to his house. We went one time and his neighbor ws their and talked a lot the second time we went to his house he was actually serious. We had a really good discussion about the Book Of Mormon. IT was interesting because he said that he thinks he will become "brother laurent" soon. even when we went to the restaurant the other day he said it again. We pray and continue to teach.
As for Salim we are going to see him tomorrow. He really is ready for the gospel. Just pray for him.
We also have another mr. His name is Guy, He is really cool. He is a practicing Baptist and very believing already. HE accepted the BOM and said he is going to read it from start to finish;

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