Monday, August 30, 2010

August 30, 2010

THis week was great! can i tell you how cool Jeremy is?! I am not even kidding! Each time we see him we ask him if he has any questions or whatnot. and mostly he replies with no but... and then shares something that he has learned or something that he really appreciated about the member and things like that. I think one of the coolest things with him this week was when he was praying at the end of the lesson. He testified that he know that the scripture are true. Each time that we ask him to keep a commitment he looks at us like "of course." I dont think that I have had an other amis like him through out all of my mission. It really is interesting as we plan our lessons we keep thinking that we are going to find an obsticale with him but he really is ready for the gospel. For example the other night we taught the Word of Wisdom. He told us that the only thing that he does right now is he drinks a cup of coffee when he is at work but other than that he is ok with all the rest. and he will stop drinking the coffee at work. We were also able to fast with him this last week. it was a really spiritual experience for him and for us. Just to see his faith that he is going to do whatever the Lord asks him to do. It really has made me thinko f my personal obedience. and how well i follow th commandments and how willing I am to follow the directions taht I get from my leaders. He really makes me want to do better to be a better missionary be a better person.

Monday, August 23, 2010

August 23, 2010

Heavenly FAhter has really blessed us with our ami Jeremy!He is amazing! It is like there isa little fire in his eye and with each lesson and each time that we see him that fire gets brighter. We had some really neat experiences with him this week. I think the coolest thing was on SAturday he come to the baptism of the amis of the elders. At the end I was talking with him and asked him what he thought about it. He said,"honestly it was kind of wierd to see how that happens because I was just a baby when my parents baptized me and I donthave any memories of how it happened or anything." We talked for a good 10 minutes of the importace of baptisim and what it means to be baptized. THe coolest part was talking aobut the holy Ghost. How the holy Ghost becomes your constant guide. How right now he has felt the Holy GHost. I asked him what he feel when he come to church and whenwe have lessons an so on? thoughta bout it for a minute and then replied, "I feel good. I feel happy. sometimes I thinkthat it is weird tofee like this but it is a good thing and Ilike it."
To be honest it is moments like that when an ami is really seeing difference and isnt scared to take that leap of faith. I amexcited we aregoing to have FHE with him at TheDefranchi's tonight so that will be fun.
WE seem to have a lot of other amis right now that we see once or twice and then they disappear. then they reappear.
Wehad another cool experience this week. On Friday we were at the chruch and this guy called us. He told me his name and said taht we had met a couple of weeks ago and that he would like to meet withus again. The only problem none of us could remember who he was. But we set up and appointment with him and went to see who this mysterioius ami was. When he opened the door I about fell over. His name is Soleman. We had met him and taught him once the beginning of last transfer but he was not at all interested. but yesterday as we talked with him he said he had ben thinking about it and wanted to know more. I was so excited and so weirded out you could say. We are going to see him more this week and hopefully allwillgo well.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Pictures from France

Missionaries playing volleyball in the sand Soeurs Jensen, Walton and Lake in Tour de France attire

Soeurs Walton, Jensen and Lake on P-day

August 16, 2010

This week was really a week of miracles. for the first time all transfer we had amis at church: three to be exact!!!
It was so crazy because there is one guy whose name is Eric. Soeur Madsen and I started teaching him but then he kind of disappeared. Two weeks ago he got on the bus with us and started talking a bout how he still wants to be baptized and wanted to know what he needed to do. So I explained that we needed to see him and he needed to come to church. Well after that he disappeared again for a few days. one day this week we got on the bus together again. As we got talking he siad he wanted to meet us at the church and wanted to come and see what it was like. When he came it was such a great experience. The only thing is he might be moving in like a week. but we will see.
The second of our amis his name is Pedro he has been really flaky too. but this week we were able to see him 2 times one at his house and one at the church. He came and really like church!
The Third was a new ami Jeremy! WE had a great appointment with him on Saturday. he was contacted one of the elders but lives in our area so we got to teach hhim. He came and met us to go to the Church. He is from Martinique. He said that he really has been thinking about his faith and how he wants to hae more faith in God and know that he is there. WE gave him a tour of the church then started teaching the restoration. As we were teaching we asked if he had an questions. With all seriousness he says, "is someone like me wants to be rebaptized what do they need to do? do they have to have permission from their parents or how does that work?" Seriously that is like music to missionaries ears. WE then told him what he had to do and asked if we could set a date for his baptism. He then replies that he is ready to do all that he needs to to be baptized and find his faith. It truely was a greatexperience. As we were leaving the church I really was just in awe of what had just happened. He is ready!
that is just a couple of the miracles that have happened! I was thinking about the week during sacrement meeting yesterday and how We had been working all transfer and had been teaching and trying or best but were just not seeing the results that we wanted then yesterday all at once i saw that the blessing and the results come not always with the same people that we would have thought but with the our brothers and sisters that Heavenly Father has prepared.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

August 9, 2010

Heavenly Father is blessingus with all kind of miracles and many new amis. This week we had sucha good experience this weekwith one of our new converts, Belal. He has been asking us for a hwile now if he could come and work wih us for a day. and we didn have a lot of consistent things planned so we had been pushing it off a little bit. until Friday we realized that we had 3 appointments all with new amis back to back so we asked him if he wanted to come and teach with us. Lets just say it was a great experience. With each lesson us as a companionship became more and more united and we werereally able to teach together at the same time we were abme to use Belal; who has a very strong testimony. Lordis helping us. I sincerly pray taht He wil let us stay together for the next transfer. We really are just getting things figured out. We are teaching together so much better now. we stil have a things to learn but it is more balanced.
So I think that I told you about our friend Laurent, he is one that was our waiter when dwe went fo ricecreamwith belal. well now we are getting to teach him. He is really interesting.He really doesnt have a religious back ground. more or lesshe belives in all sorts of thing and everything that he see on TV. It is interesting to teach him.I dont thinkHave ever taught someone that has not had a belief inGod before. It is really making me turn and try to mut myself in his shoes to understand where he is coming from.
It is amazing to see how Heavenly Fahter doesnt let too comfortable inthe way we teach or the kind of peole that we teach. Everyone ins different.I see more and more why we use Preach my gospel. WE have to go to the people. EVeryone is differntand everyone has a different story different background but the Gospel isfor everyone.
I amso grateful to be a missionary and to be able to serve and help bring the light of the gospel to those who do not have it.

Friday, August 6, 2010

August 5, 2010

I love church yesterday! especially sacrement meeting! The youth of most of France we able to participate in EFY this year. It is the first time that they have done an EFY in France and since the beginning of the year the youth along with their parents have been preparing for this week. Well yesterday it we evident in their faces and in their testimonies of how powerful and stong the youth are. EAch one that bore their testimony said how much they really enjoyed it and how their testimonies had grown. Our leaders are really trying to give the youth all that they need to stay stong in the chruch and have a solid testimony while they are young. The world is going father an farther from the things of God and we all need to be stronger and more sure in Christ.
THe spirit really was just so strong among the youth and it made me thing of Jackson and him being able to go to the MTM!
So we have some new amis. ONe his name is Laurent. We met him one night when Belal took us to get icecream. And Laurnet was our waiter. We talked a little with him while we were eating then as we were leaving he asked us for our card. SInce then we have seen him a few times but not really to teach him. WE tried but when he was at work he and his boss love to talk to us but Laurent would just joke around. THen he invited us to go to his house. We went one time and his neighbor ws their and talked a lot the second time we went to his house he was actually serious. We had a really good discussion about the Book Of Mormon. IT was interesting because he said that he thinks he will become "brother laurent" soon. even when we went to the restaurant the other day he said it again. We pray and continue to teach.
As for Salim we are going to see him tomorrow. He really is ready for the gospel. Just pray for him.
We also have another mr. His name is Guy, He is really cool. He is a practicing Baptist and very believing already. HE accepted the BOM and said he is going to read it from start to finish;