Monday, August 23, 2010

August 23, 2010

Heavenly FAhter has really blessed us with our ami Jeremy!He is amazing! It is like there isa little fire in his eye and with each lesson and each time that we see him that fire gets brighter. We had some really neat experiences with him this week. I think the coolest thing was on SAturday he come to the baptism of the amis of the elders. At the end I was talking with him and asked him what he thought about it. He said,"honestly it was kind of wierd to see how that happens because I was just a baby when my parents baptized me and I donthave any memories of how it happened or anything." We talked for a good 10 minutes of the importace of baptisim and what it means to be baptized. THe coolest part was talking aobut the holy Ghost. How the holy Ghost becomes your constant guide. How right now he has felt the Holy GHost. I asked him what he feel when he come to church and whenwe have lessons an so on? thoughta bout it for a minute and then replied, "I feel good. I feel happy. sometimes I thinkthat it is weird tofee like this but it is a good thing and Ilike it."
To be honest it is moments like that when an ami is really seeing difference and isnt scared to take that leap of faith. I amexcited we aregoing to have FHE with him at TheDefranchi's tonight so that will be fun.
WE seem to have a lot of other amis right now that we see once or twice and then they disappear. then they reappear.
Wehad another cool experience this week. On Friday we were at the chruch and this guy called us. He told me his name and said taht we had met a couple of weeks ago and that he would like to meet withus again. The only problem none of us could remember who he was. But we set up and appointment with him and went to see who this mysterioius ami was. When he opened the door I about fell over. His name is Soleman. We had met him and taught him once the beginning of last transfer but he was not at all interested. but yesterday as we talked with him he said he had ben thinking about it and wanted to know more. I was so excited and so weirded out you could say. We are going to see him more this week and hopefully allwillgo well.

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