Tuesday, August 10, 2010

August 9, 2010

Heavenly Father is blessingus with all kind of miracles and many new amis. This week we had sucha good experience this weekwith one of our new converts, Belal. He has been asking us for a hwile now if he could come and work wih us for a day. and we didn have a lot of consistent things planned so we had been pushing it off a little bit. until Friday we realized that we had 3 appointments all with new amis back to back so we asked him if he wanted to come and teach with us. Lets just say it was a great experience. With each lesson us as a companionship became more and more united and we werereally able to teach together at the same time we were abme to use Belal; who has a very strong testimony. Lordis helping us. I sincerly pray taht He wil let us stay together for the next transfer. We really are just getting things figured out. We are teaching together so much better now. we stil have a things to learn but it is more balanced.
So I think that I told you about our friend Laurent, he is one that was our waiter when dwe went fo ricecreamwith belal. well now we are getting to teach him. He is really interesting.He really doesnt have a religious back ground. more or lesshe belives in all sorts of thing and everything that he see on TV. It is interesting to teach him.I dont thinkHave ever taught someone that has not had a belief inGod before. It is really making me turn and try to mut myself in his shoes to understand where he is coming from.
It is amazing to see how Heavenly Fahter doesnt let too comfortable inthe way we teach or the kind of peole that we teach. Everyone ins different.I see more and more why we use Preach my gospel. WE have to go to the people. EVeryone is differntand everyone has a different story different background but the Gospel isfor everyone.
I amso grateful to be a missionary and to be able to serve and help bring the light of the gospel to those who do not have it.

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