Monday, February 22, 2010

February 22, 2010

I want to tell you that I know that Heavenly Father hears and answers prayers! We have seen it so many times this week. I know I have talked a little bit about Xavier in the past. We have been kind of sad that we havent had contact with him again for some time but on Thursday we were walking on the road and someone in a car kept whistling normally we dont turn and look but Sr. Brunt turned and look and it was him. Long story short we were able to see him for a few minutes and he came with us to the Boltor's to celebrate Brother Boltors birthday. He has had some set backs and is not doing very well but we wer still praying and trying to teach him. We have not had his address and have tried asking him for it but he hasnt ever given it to us. But the other night we told him we had some pictures we wanted to bring to him and he finally gave us his address. Saturday was probably the best day ever! It was a day that I felt the most joy, a happiness so deep that it is hard to explain. WE had started the day off doing service for sister Garcia. We cleaned and helped her get ready to do some painting. It was the funniest thing we were in our pday clothes and really relaxed. She is so sweet we ended up staying a lot longer than we should have just because she needed someone to talk to. When we finally left it was a beautiful afternoon. As we were walking back to our apartment we were in the area of sebastien house and called him to see howhe was doing because he had been sick. He didnt answer. so we kept walking and ran into Omar. Omar is street ami. We see him from time to time on the road and we talk at least 30 minutes each time. He is muslim and very believing. Each time we ask him if we can set up an appointment with him but he always says that if we cross on the road we can talk. So it has been like that for the last 5 months. So saturday we crossed him and he is really hit rock bottom in his life. It was really interesting to talk with him. In their religion they dont believe in Jesus Christ as our Savior just that he was a prophet. We had the oppoutunity to really testify of the importance of Jesus Christ and his role as Savior. We talked about how it isnt a coincidence that we keep seeing him like we do on the road. He said maybe not but we will see. I felt really strongly that he has been prepared that he is ready to hear more about the gospel. Sad thing was He left like normal that he would talk to us on the street the next time our paths cross. I was hopeful. As we were talking to Omar Sebastien called us back and wanted to know if we were still in the area we told him where we were and he said that he wanted to come talk to us. Long story short he showed up as we were finishing talk to Omar and he had flowers in his hand. As we started talking with Sebastien he told us that he bought the flowers for us because we always tell him how big of a miracles and blessing he is to us but actually we are more of a miracles for him that the gospel is responding to his questions and is filling in the gaps missing in his life. We were speachless. He told us that he talked with his family and that they are ok with his decision in the church. Honestly we walked away and felt like we were on colud 9. Heavenly Father had answered our prayers and the prayers of the members who have been fasting for him. The rest of the afternoon was great as well. We were able to see everyone that we had planned even the Franc the bus driver.

Monday, February 15, 2010

February 15, 2010

" I Love You" written in the sand by the Sisters
Having fun on P-day
Soeur Lake and Soeur Brunt at the beach

I think the biggest miracle this week was with Sebastien! We had called him this week just to see how he is and to invite him for the Valentines activity that the ward was doing Saturday night. he was excited and said he would come. It was really funny because he was there early and you know wiht ward activities that no one shows up on time. So we ahd a good chance to talk to him. Brother Boltor came in and was tlkaing with him and invited him to come to church. Sebastien was hesitant and said no. Then later on he comes to us and asks if I want to come to churhc tomorrow can i? We were excited and said of course. And He CAME yesterday and he really liked it. he said that he has lots of questions but he is going to ask us today! I felt bad yesterday because we have only taught him once and didnt even talk about the book of mormon. So yesterday during Sunday school we were using all of the scripture and he was completely lost. At the end we gave him a Book of Mormon. He was so excited and was going to read last night. i can honestly say that he is prepared and ready. He comes from basically no religious background. And one of the best parts for us is he is normal!

Monday, February 8, 2010

February 8, 2010

As I sit here thinking about this week and what has happened I realize how fast the week went by. The days sometimes are long but the week its self is short. In missionary work you have 3 pools ther teaching pool the finding pool and the baptizing pool. lets just say that we are in the finding pool we dont have many amis but are doing a lot of searching. It is really cool though because we are preparing for a day missionary day with the ward where the members will come and work with us for the day. We will be split off and will go and visit the less actives and our amis. But in preparing for the day we are doing a 40 day fast. Like Christ when he went into the wilderness and fasted for 40 days and 40 nights to prepare for his ministry. We are preparing with the ward in the same sense. It is cool to see the power of fasting. We have a different member who fasts each day. WE call them and remind them and also give them an idea of what we will be doing the day they are fasting so they can keep our amis and member in mind. I guess you could say that gives us an extra boost. We are more accountable too or more aware of the little things that happen through out the day. One thing thing that was really cool was Sebastien (I think I told you about him last week) who had said he wasnt ready right now, well we called him just to see how he was doing and he asked if we could fix another appointment. I know that it is thanks to the fast and the prayers of the members that he is being prepared to hear more about the gospel. Another cool thing was we had contacted this family that is from New Zeland the husband is here playing rugby. He is married with 2 little boys. They were actually taught before they came here and had lots of friends that are members. We have set up another appointment to see them this next week. The reason it is cool is because it is an entire family! We are going to teach them! I am so excited!
I almost forgot about the frog legs. We spent the moring with the family Oger taking down the wallpaper Sr. Brunt and I knew what we were going to be eating but the elders didn't. It was the funniest thing. But I was kind of weirded out the more I thought about what we were going to be eating. So when we finally got to lunch I wasn't so excited anymore. Brother Oger showed us how to eat them then let us go at it. THey are actually pretty good. They taste kind of like shrimp but with bones in them. I can officiallly say that I have tried almost everything weird there is to eat here now.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

P-Day Fun and Touring

Last week the Sisters did a little touring around northern Perpignan and these are some of the things they saw.

Modern art statues at one of the beaches
Look close and you can see Soeur Lake and Soeur Brunt hiding
A lighthouse on the coast - they only saw it from a distance
Soeur Lake at a castle
All the stories of princesses are coming to life for her as she realizes that castles really do exist.
We have been told that tourists that go to France go to Nice and the natives go to Perpignan to get away.

February 1, 2010

This last week we saw that with a couple of our amis. We have been praying to get in contact with them again and as we ahve been more obedient Heavenly Father has helped everything to fall into place. WE finally saw Xavier again. On wednesday we were crossing the street to go to the church and I see a car coming toward us and said to myself that looks like the same kind of car as Xavier. As it got closer there was a man waving to us. It was Xavier. Luckly the light was red so we ran u pnext to his car and he asked us if we were going to the church then said that he would be there in 5 minutes. We were both so excited. We were able to talk to him then and again on Saturday. And saturday he opened right up with us. We were teaching him with Bro. Bolter and xavier looks up to him like his own grandpa; It is going to take some time but slowly but surely. I have complete faith he will be baptized soon. We met this guy las week when we were contacting his name is Sebastien. He was really receptive. We got to teach him this last week he really has been prepared and is still being prepared for the gospel. He has never been religious neither does he know much about religions. So as we explained and testified you could really feel the spirit working on him. As he left the church he told us how he felt good and was excited to see us again. I was kind of sad when I called to confirm our next appointment and he said that he isnt ready yet. He needs more time he isnt ready yet. I got to thinking how important it is for us to continue to pray for him especailly for the spirit to work in his heart.