Monday, November 30, 2009

November 30, 2009

This last week was a little weird all or our amis were really busy and we didnt really get to see or teach them :( but like last night we stopped by to see a sister in the ward that is active but who I have never talked to. It was the best visit of the week. She told us a cool story of when she was at the temple one time ther temple president had spoken to a group that she was with. she said the meeting was absolutelly amazing and as they were leaving a brother said to her "i wish that he(the temple president) could come to Perpignan. We need someone like him there." After he had said that the temple president who was just behind them siad "you know what you dont need me to come there, you dont need to wish to be like me. You can be like me. All the good that you see in me you can create and be yourself." - Sister Meunier went on to say that she had never thought about it like that. but how true it is that we need to be the positive change we want to see in the world. I was so gald that we had stopped to see her last night.
It is interesting at this moment in time all of the new converts here in Perpignan are having a trial of their faith. We had the chance to visit with celine this last week. And I thought that she was doing well. But come to find out she is having a hard time too. All that to say that I realize that Heavenly Father will try our faith just to the point when we dont think we can handle it anymore. The cool thing is he never forgets us and he is always there. But like Sr. Royer keeps sharing that if we are being faithful to our covenants and all that Heavenly Father asks of us we have every right to ask for specific blessings.

Pictures - Yeah!

Sister Oger cutting Jen's hair

Final version of the haircut and showing her Christmas spirit.

Jenni modeling her new coat!

Ward Mission Leader who reminds Jen of Gramps!

Monday, November 23, 2009

November 23, 2009

We have been so busy this last week we even had to start making appointments with people for the next week because we didnt have place. It is such a blessing to be busy and working hard. I am learning a lot about repentence and forgiveness this transfer. Everyone has the chance to repent and to change. There is no exception to that Christ doesnt tell us that only a certain number of people will be allowed to repent but rather each of us can and that if we have the desire and are silling to change he is willing to forgive us. Sister Garcia is an amazing example of forgiving others. She has suffered a lot in her life and when we were talking to her the other night I was near tear just listening to her story and how she has changed.
On top of weing busy I dont think we have had so many rendezvous cancelled at the same time. There were 2 days that almost every single one of our Rendezvous was cancelled just minutes before or a couple of hours before. It was frustrating at first but then as we worked and went with our backup plan to go see other people or to talk to the people on the road we were blessed. I cant remember which night but our Rendezvous was cancelled and as we were walking to go see one of our other amis we were stopped 2 different times by men who wanted to know what we were doing. It was really cool to see that there are people all along the way. That Laybe it was in heavelny Fathers plan that what we had planned was cancelled so that we could talk to the other people. One of the men was actually the man that owns the cyber cafe where we do our emails. We got talking and he said that he has never met someone like us that wears a badge that is not nice, polite and humble. He is muslim and not really interested in changing he beliefs right now but I really believe that he will always remember those missionaries.
We havent been able to meet with The girl that we contacted at bus stop last week. She was sick one day and something happened with her daughter the next but I have a lot of hope for her.
I dont remember if i have told you much about Rose-Marie one of the less active sisters we have been working with for quite a while now; But she raelly is an artist. She has showed us a lot of paintings that she has done and last night when we were there visiting she actually gave us one. well she gave me two. She is the sweetest sister. She is amazingI dont know anyone that prays as much as she does for other people. And when she gets tired she reads the book of Mormon.
I am so grateful for good people around me. I have been thinking about my blessing with it Thanksgiving this week.(its sad they dont celebrate thanksgiving here but we might do a little celebrating as missionaries) I really am so blessed and protected. I am have great family and so many great examples.
I hope that you have a good feast this week! I love you lots!

Monday, November 16, 2009

November 16, 2009

This week was good. We had our Zone Conference in Toulouse Wednesday and the theme that our zone leaders have chosen for this transfer is "open your mouth and see the miracles." In conjunction with something that Elder Holland had taught us "teach the byt the way lesson" where ever we are teach find someone to teach. It was so cool I had decided that I would do the very best I could to talk with the people where ever we are. and I have been praying that Heavenly Father would help me to see the miracles each day. He hads done just that. One really cool miracle was on Friday we had just left the church to catch the bus. (The bus stop is right next to the Church.) At the stopThere was a girl about 25 sitting there and asked us what time it was. her simple question started a conversation. During the conversation she said that she was from Africa, the same country as a brother in the ward. Long story short we talke about the church just briefly and as the bus arrived i asked if she would like to talk more another dayShe was excited and said oh ya I will write my address doan when we get on the bus. As we continued to talk she asked lots of questions. I feel that she is really prepared we are going to teach her this week. Heavenly Father really does guide our words if we put our trust in him and open our mouths.
Another miracle was Gabriel and Marcel both came to church yesterday. Gabriel is amazing since he had already been taught a few years ago it is cool to see the spirit work on him and help him remember the things he felt and learned before. for instance we were reading a scripture and at the end he said i remember that verse. i remember having read it before.
Honestly it is the little things that are the biggest miracles. Heavenly Father gives us miracles everyday And I have found that I need to pay more attention.
This work really is amazing! There are oppontunities all around to teach and to help others. But not everyone is willing to listen or to accept help that is why we have to continue and try again or try in another way. When we show Heavenly Father that we are willing to work and submit to doing what he has asked he is there and will help. I know that he loves each one of us. He is there for us.

Monday, November 9, 2009

November 9, 2009

My testimony has been strengthened this week. A little over a month ago i had told Celine that when we decide to follow the commandments and make a strong decision to change that is when the opposition is the stongest. Well that was the case this week for me. after the weekend of being well fed spiritually and really having that desire to do better and to work harder I have fixed some goals and was ready to do everything that i could. I can testify that Miracles happen amongest the opposistion.
Wednesday came Sr. Royer has literally been sick since she got to Perpignan. But she has tried dfferent things that the mission DR has suggested and nothing has worked. And Tuesday she was not doing well at all. We had a day full and were going to be running all day so instead of doing her language studies she took a nap to see of that would help. We ended up spending a good part of the afternoon at the doctors office. Sr. Oger had given us a ride and when she dropped us off she told Sr. Royer to get some rest. And she did. While she was sleeping I was able to make cookies as a thank you for some of the members as thank yous. So that was one advantage. Then Thursday we had a weird day, nothing we had planned worked out. SR. Royer had to go have blood drawn well we went the first time and she didnt have a paper for her insurance with her they couldnt do it. so we went back to our apartment and got the paper this time she didnt have enough money so we had to leave and come back again. It was litearlly a circus; I am so grateful for doctors at home and the fact they can do everything all at the same place at the same time. So after those 2 days I was thinking what else can we do evertying thatwe plan is falling through. But Heavenly FAther really did bless us on Friday He really led us for the day. We had Rendezvous with a lot of less active members and were able to see all of them. The very last one was Sr. Dulac. She is awesome. She was converted when she was 14. she is now married to a man that is awesome but not a member. (but I think one day he will be) And they have a little girl elora. She has such a strong testimony and even though she doesnt come to church very often right now she has not forgot and she is still strong.

Monday, November 2, 2009

November 2, 2009

This weekend was amazing all of the missionaries in the mission were in one place at the same time. I think we have somewhere around 80-90 missionaries total. there are 17 sisters. We were all assembled in Toulouse. It was the coolest experience to see to be there when Elder holland and his sister Holland, and Elder Kopischke walked into the chapel. They are men called of God. I can now say that i have shaken the hand of an apostle. He had planned the time to greet us all. I cant explain the feeling the spirit as i was standing face to face with elder Holland. Then as he talked to us. He has a great love for this gospel i have no doubt that he know that this church is true. I was very grateful yesterday that I understand english. During the Stake conference of course when Elder and Sister Holland, and Elder Kopischke talked they had someone translate. The translation miss a little bit of the enthusiasm and power. THey really focused on Christ. Christ has not and will not ever forget us or leave us alone. He is always there!
The conference was a great ending to the week. the work ahs beena little bit rough but it can only get better. The conference brought some great blessings. A young man who has been less active until just recently volunteered to take us to Toulouse yesterday. He has really started to come around and is finding the importance of the gosple again in his life. that was miracle number one Gael took us to conference. Miracle 2 was another one of our less active sisters who is going through many trials in her life decided that she would come to the conference. I was able to talk to her just breifly after yesterday and she she said she was reminded of how much Christ really loves her. and as we were leaving she said "a dimanche" or see you next sunday. She is going to come to church next week! I am so grateful today for all of the blessing that I have and to see the hand of the Lord in my life. This gospel is true. It is not a fairy tale. Christ will come again. He lives and loves each one of us. even if we arent perfect.