Monday, November 2, 2009

November 2, 2009

This weekend was amazing all of the missionaries in the mission were in one place at the same time. I think we have somewhere around 80-90 missionaries total. there are 17 sisters. We were all assembled in Toulouse. It was the coolest experience to see to be there when Elder holland and his sister Holland, and Elder Kopischke walked into the chapel. They are men called of God. I can now say that i have shaken the hand of an apostle. He had planned the time to greet us all. I cant explain the feeling the spirit as i was standing face to face with elder Holland. Then as he talked to us. He has a great love for this gospel i have no doubt that he know that this church is true. I was very grateful yesterday that I understand english. During the Stake conference of course when Elder and Sister Holland, and Elder Kopischke talked they had someone translate. The translation miss a little bit of the enthusiasm and power. THey really focused on Christ. Christ has not and will not ever forget us or leave us alone. He is always there!
The conference was a great ending to the week. the work ahs beena little bit rough but it can only get better. The conference brought some great blessings. A young man who has been less active until just recently volunteered to take us to Toulouse yesterday. He has really started to come around and is finding the importance of the gosple again in his life. that was miracle number one Gael took us to conference. Miracle 2 was another one of our less active sisters who is going through many trials in her life decided that she would come to the conference. I was able to talk to her just breifly after yesterday and she she said she was reminded of how much Christ really loves her. and as we were leaving she said "a dimanche" or see you next sunday. She is going to come to church next week! I am so grateful today for all of the blessing that I have and to see the hand of the Lord in my life. This gospel is true. It is not a fairy tale. Christ will come again. He lives and loves each one of us. even if we arent perfect.

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