Monday, November 9, 2009

November 9, 2009

My testimony has been strengthened this week. A little over a month ago i had told Celine that when we decide to follow the commandments and make a strong decision to change that is when the opposition is the stongest. Well that was the case this week for me. after the weekend of being well fed spiritually and really having that desire to do better and to work harder I have fixed some goals and was ready to do everything that i could. I can testify that Miracles happen amongest the opposistion.
Wednesday came Sr. Royer has literally been sick since she got to Perpignan. But she has tried dfferent things that the mission DR has suggested and nothing has worked. And Tuesday she was not doing well at all. We had a day full and were going to be running all day so instead of doing her language studies she took a nap to see of that would help. We ended up spending a good part of the afternoon at the doctors office. Sr. Oger had given us a ride and when she dropped us off she told Sr. Royer to get some rest. And she did. While she was sleeping I was able to make cookies as a thank you for some of the members as thank yous. So that was one advantage. Then Thursday we had a weird day, nothing we had planned worked out. SR. Royer had to go have blood drawn well we went the first time and she didnt have a paper for her insurance with her they couldnt do it. so we went back to our apartment and got the paper this time she didnt have enough money so we had to leave and come back again. It was litearlly a circus; I am so grateful for doctors at home and the fact they can do everything all at the same place at the same time. So after those 2 days I was thinking what else can we do evertying thatwe plan is falling through. But Heavenly FAther really did bless us on Friday He really led us for the day. We had Rendezvous with a lot of less active members and were able to see all of them. The very last one was Sr. Dulac. She is awesome. She was converted when she was 14. she is now married to a man that is awesome but not a member. (but I think one day he will be) And they have a little girl elora. She has such a strong testimony and even though she doesnt come to church very often right now she has not forgot and she is still strong.

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