Monday, May 31, 2010

May 31, 2010

i have to say that i really love Bordeaux! It is a large city with lots of people from all over. It is a city that moves. I really do like it. The thing is it is a very old city. I will try to send you pictures so that you cna see a little bit. I really like it because even though there are lots of buildings they are not really tall so it makes it seem more open. One big change is it is super flat.
I love my companion Sr. Madsen is awesome! She is sucha powerful teacher and a great example for me. We have a lot of fun together!
It is funny how the amis change from city to city. In Cannes we were teaching almost all women here in Bordeaux we have all men. They are really good amies that are progressing and we are hoping to engage one of them for baptism this week. Or area is really big the area of the ward is split in two and we ahve half and the elders have half. It is huge.
ihave had some cool experiences this week. wE had a lot of time on our hands because of cancelled rendezvous and such so we were contacting and looking for new people. I can't tell you haw many times that we were on the Tram and spirit really prompted me to talk to someone. And even sometimes it would be people that normally I wouldnt have struck up a conversation. There was one night that we were on our way home and the tram was pretty empty when we got on.There was a young man sitting across the isle from me and asked me something we got talking. He is muslim (and for them you cant talk directly to God I dont know who they pray to but you cnat talk directly to him.) and somehow we got to talking about prayer and I said that I know that heavenly Father answers our prayers. He didnt believe me. He asked how it was possible and i jus testified of a couple of different experiences. I dont know what all I said all I do know is that the spirit really led me and helped me say what he needed to hear. At the end I simply invited him to pray and try for himself. that God would answer his prayers. and When he did he could call us and we would love to teach him more. AT that moment I really felt the power that comes from my call as a missionary.
WE have a recent convert that is absolutely amazing! He was baptized a little over a month ago and is absolutely incredible. Iwill have to tell you more about him next time but he lets just say we have an appointment with him yesterday and it was him that gave us a lesson. it was so cool!
The GOspel is so True! I love this work! I love my Savior and his love that I feel each and everyday!

Friday, May 28, 2010

May 24, 2010

So for a bigf suprise we had transfers today and you will never guess what happened. Friday we had gone to eat at a members house for lunch and while we were there the elders phone rang it was president they were freaking out. because when it is president ahta calls that means there is going to be a big change. Well when we get doen eating we look at our phone and President had called us too. For the last little while we have just thought that we would stay together and were actually pretty excited but then when it was president i kind of started stressing. It was for a good reason too. When we got ahold of him he tell sus that because there are three sisters going home and only one coming they have to close one of the soeurs cities and it was going to be Cannes. I was super suprised and acutally really sad. So now I am in Bordeaux clear on the other side of the mission and Sr. Andrews is in Montpillier. This weekend was a little rough but it was good at the same time. Transfers are interseting as it is but this time we had to get everything ready for 2 Elders that would be arriving today. Heavenly Father really helped us get everything done and get ready to go.
Sometimes i dont understand why Heavenly Father does what he does. And closing the bille was one of those things i dont understand but i pray that our amis will continue to progress.
We had the coolest experience this week. story time... About 3 weeks ago we had met this lady, named Ramie, from the phillipines who is very believing and super sweet. WE had tried to have an appointment with her but it didnt work but she was determined to come to church. WE explained to her how to get to the church and she said she would be there. that was 2 weeks ago. well she never came. When we called her she said she didnt find it so she went to another one. So we explained again and asked if she wanted us to come and meet her she said no she thought she could find it. Same thing happened. And during the week she worked a lot with the festival and everything that it was impossible to see her. Monday night we were close to her house and were going to stop by but we didnt know her last name so we couldn't ring the bell. But as we were stainding by her door she came up on her bike. She was so happy to see us. And like before she wanted to come to church. This time we told her that we would find someone to come with us to pick her up. ANd yesterday we had a member that went with us and picked her up. Not only did she come but she had invited a friend. The two of them were very touched. She was even crying at the end of sunday school when we talked about families and how theycan be eternal. It really was a good experince. She was very excited to come back next week and to meet with the elders this week. I think it will be cool to see what happens.

Monday, May 17, 2010

May 17, 2010

We had a goofy week. We had lots of rain and lots of tourists! It was crazy! The film festival started Thursday. So with the two elements together we have had a little opposition. But the week went really well. More than anything I am learing the importance to really take time to think and search for inspiriation. So often there is so much that is going on that alll i think about is getting to the next Rendez vous or getting to the bus ontime, or finding someone to teach with us tomorrow. TOO many things that I don't hear the whisperings of the spirit. It is interesting when you find what you need to do and you know that you need to change but can't seem to figure out how to change it. Like we were telling Theirry last week we want to change at the snap of our fingers and dont want to wait but really it takes time. Learning really is a growing process. (i dont know if any of that makes sense or not but oh well)
As for our amis. Thierry is so cool! He is someone that it takes time for him to put into practice a new idea. A couple of weeks ago we talked about fasting. He said he would tryit but it didn't really say when or act really excited to do it right after the lesson. but yesterday after church we were talking with him and we got to talking about fasting and he said next weekend we can fast all together. We will try and see how it works. He reallyis someone that wants to change and be closer to the Lord but he has to take his own time to think things over before really starting to put them into pratice.
Ivania is amazing too! i dont know if I have told you much about her or not. She is the same age as we are. She has been married for almost a year. She has so much faith. Each time we go she teaches me things. she always tells us how happy she is that she ahs found us and that she feel so much happier in her life. She reads the Book of Mormon everyday and has great experiences in doing so. The only problem is that her Husband isnt interested, he doesnt mind that we go and teach her but he doesnt want to let her come to church and things like that. I keep thinking that it has to be hard for her but she tell us that it is ok it will jsut take time. She has somuch patience and love for her husband. I love her! I pray everyday that her husband will open up alittle to atleast let her come to church.

Monday, May 10, 2010

May 10, 2010

It was so good to talk to you yesterday! As we were talking last night it really is a booster to us as missionaries to be able to talk to our families. I have more desire and more excitement once again to continue this work.
The week went really well. We are really excited with the progression of our amis. i see more and more how when we want to change something in our life sometimes it takes time. It really is a process. Thierry wants to keep the word of wisdom but changing his old habbits is hard. But is he doing really well. He sees the differences the gospel is making already and wants to continue.
It was a really good week with Mrs. Chapuis and Ivania as well. There situations are so different but yet they both see that they need and want to progress. I found it really cool with Mrs. Chapuis we made a calendar for her baptism she doesnt have a date set but that is our goal and hers too. She deosnt feel ready yet but yesterday she told us that she knows what she needs to change to get there but is just a little scared to make these changes. She is seeing the blessing the gospel brings too. She has had some good moments with the members this last week and sees how happy they are and she really wants that.
I think the best thing this week was all of our lessons with Ivania. She told us of a couple of different experiences she has had while reading in the Book of Mormon and how the spirit really touches her. She says to us all the time i am just so happy I just love how I feel since i met you guys. SHe is trying to share with her husband but he really doesnt want to know anything aboutit right now. She is so strong. She said i just have to be patient and progress myself and one day he will see. She is so right, as much as she wants to force him to feel and see what she is feeling and seeing she cant because it pushes him away. We are all praying that he will notice the differences in Ivania.
I love the changes that the gospel brings to peopel . I am so happy and feel so grateful to my Heavenly Father that he has given me the opportunity to see these changes in others as well as myself. Each day is a new chance to change and to progress we just have to take that chance.

Monday, May 3, 2010

May 2, 2010

It was really funny Saturday it was "Mayday" and it is big holliday here. no one works, there are no buses, very very few store and restaurants opened, the city is dead! It really is a day of no work. Let just say that the day was interesting for us as well. Friday night as we were looking at our agendas and our plans we realized we had no appointments nothing for the entire day. since there wouldnt be any buses eaither we knew we would do a lot of walking. We stratigically planned. And we went from havinga day with nothing planned to being one of the best days of the week. we were able to see some of our amis and also members. the day was literally one of the best days. we did have a weird experience. On our way to see Mrs. Chapuis we contacted a man walking his dog. We talked with him for a few minutes but he really didnt seem interested and he said that he was mad at God so it really didnt matter what we said. We gave him our card and said he could look at the internet site and if one day he wanted to know more he could call us. then we continued on our way. A couple hours later we recieved a phone call from a man that started asking all sorts of questions aobut our church and said he wanted to know more but he would tell us his name. i really didnt feel like he was going to do anything to us so we said we would meet in him the Center of the City at 5. We called Bro. Simon to come with us. As we got there we realized that it was the same man that we had contacted earlier. The lesson went well but we could see that there was something that just didnt click with him and he thanked us and said he wouldnt bother us anymore. Then yesterday mornig he showed up at church. Talk about a miracle. His name is Eric and he is really nice I think that he comes from a hard back ground. And yesterday there were many members that came up to him and said they were happy to see him there. He was really touched. I dont know what will happen next with him or if he will see us again but he knows that he is welcome among the memberes of the church and the missionaries.
i am still in awe at how much Heavenly Father continues to bless us. We are finding new people and see progression with some of the amis that we have already. It is interesting to see how each person progresses differently. It goes to show how really we are all unique that some of us move fast than others and the principles that are hard for one person are so easy for another.