Monday, May 17, 2010

May 17, 2010

We had a goofy week. We had lots of rain and lots of tourists! It was crazy! The film festival started Thursday. So with the two elements together we have had a little opposition. But the week went really well. More than anything I am learing the importance to really take time to think and search for inspiriation. So often there is so much that is going on that alll i think about is getting to the next Rendez vous or getting to the bus ontime, or finding someone to teach with us tomorrow. TOO many things that I don't hear the whisperings of the spirit. It is interesting when you find what you need to do and you know that you need to change but can't seem to figure out how to change it. Like we were telling Theirry last week we want to change at the snap of our fingers and dont want to wait but really it takes time. Learning really is a growing process. (i dont know if any of that makes sense or not but oh well)
As for our amis. Thierry is so cool! He is someone that it takes time for him to put into practice a new idea. A couple of weeks ago we talked about fasting. He said he would tryit but it didn't really say when or act really excited to do it right after the lesson. but yesterday after church we were talking with him and we got to talking about fasting and he said next weekend we can fast all together. We will try and see how it works. He reallyis someone that wants to change and be closer to the Lord but he has to take his own time to think things over before really starting to put them into pratice.
Ivania is amazing too! i dont know if I have told you much about her or not. She is the same age as we are. She has been married for almost a year. She has so much faith. Each time we go she teaches me things. she always tells us how happy she is that she ahs found us and that she feel so much happier in her life. She reads the Book of Mormon everyday and has great experiences in doing so. The only problem is that her Husband isnt interested, he doesnt mind that we go and teach her but he doesnt want to let her come to church and things like that. I keep thinking that it has to be hard for her but she tell us that it is ok it will jsut take time. She has somuch patience and love for her husband. I love her! I pray everyday that her husband will open up alittle to atleast let her come to church.

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