Monday, May 10, 2010

May 10, 2010

It was so good to talk to you yesterday! As we were talking last night it really is a booster to us as missionaries to be able to talk to our families. I have more desire and more excitement once again to continue this work.
The week went really well. We are really excited with the progression of our amis. i see more and more how when we want to change something in our life sometimes it takes time. It really is a process. Thierry wants to keep the word of wisdom but changing his old habbits is hard. But is he doing really well. He sees the differences the gospel is making already and wants to continue.
It was a really good week with Mrs. Chapuis and Ivania as well. There situations are so different but yet they both see that they need and want to progress. I found it really cool with Mrs. Chapuis we made a calendar for her baptism she doesnt have a date set but that is our goal and hers too. She deosnt feel ready yet but yesterday she told us that she knows what she needs to change to get there but is just a little scared to make these changes. She is seeing the blessing the gospel brings too. She has had some good moments with the members this last week and sees how happy they are and she really wants that.
I think the best thing this week was all of our lessons with Ivania. She told us of a couple of different experiences she has had while reading in the Book of Mormon and how the spirit really touches her. She says to us all the time i am just so happy I just love how I feel since i met you guys. SHe is trying to share with her husband but he really doesnt want to know anything aboutit right now. She is so strong. She said i just have to be patient and progress myself and one day he will see. She is so right, as much as she wants to force him to feel and see what she is feeling and seeing she cant because it pushes him away. We are all praying that he will notice the differences in Ivania.
I love the changes that the gospel brings to peopel . I am so happy and feel so grateful to my Heavenly Father that he has given me the opportunity to see these changes in others as well as myself. Each day is a new chance to change and to progress we just have to take that chance.

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