Friday, May 28, 2010

May 24, 2010

So for a bigf suprise we had transfers today and you will never guess what happened. Friday we had gone to eat at a members house for lunch and while we were there the elders phone rang it was president they were freaking out. because when it is president ahta calls that means there is going to be a big change. Well when we get doen eating we look at our phone and President had called us too. For the last little while we have just thought that we would stay together and were actually pretty excited but then when it was president i kind of started stressing. It was for a good reason too. When we got ahold of him he tell sus that because there are three sisters going home and only one coming they have to close one of the soeurs cities and it was going to be Cannes. I was super suprised and acutally really sad. So now I am in Bordeaux clear on the other side of the mission and Sr. Andrews is in Montpillier. This weekend was a little rough but it was good at the same time. Transfers are interseting as it is but this time we had to get everything ready for 2 Elders that would be arriving today. Heavenly Father really helped us get everything done and get ready to go.
Sometimes i dont understand why Heavenly Father does what he does. And closing the bille was one of those things i dont understand but i pray that our amis will continue to progress.
We had the coolest experience this week. story time... About 3 weeks ago we had met this lady, named Ramie, from the phillipines who is very believing and super sweet. WE had tried to have an appointment with her but it didnt work but she was determined to come to church. WE explained to her how to get to the church and she said she would be there. that was 2 weeks ago. well she never came. When we called her she said she didnt find it so she went to another one. So we explained again and asked if she wanted us to come and meet her she said no she thought she could find it. Same thing happened. And during the week she worked a lot with the festival and everything that it was impossible to see her. Monday night we were close to her house and were going to stop by but we didnt know her last name so we couldn't ring the bell. But as we were stainding by her door she came up on her bike. She was so happy to see us. And like before she wanted to come to church. This time we told her that we would find someone to come with us to pick her up. ANd yesterday we had a member that went with us and picked her up. Not only did she come but she had invited a friend. The two of them were very touched. She was even crying at the end of sunday school when we talked about families and how theycan be eternal. It really was a good experince. She was very excited to come back next week and to meet with the elders this week. I think it will be cool to see what happens.

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