Saturday, February 5, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Jenni.
I am so glad that we were able to spend the day together to go to the temple and to lunch.
You are a special daughter to me.
I hope you had a great day.
Love ya

Saturday, January 29, 2011

I am alive!

So have thought about posting on my blog a couple of different times since i got home but at first there wasn't much going on in my life so really it wasn't worth the time. Then since the first of the year life has just been super crazy!! As you can tell by reading my mom's and sister's blogs family life has been pretty eventful lately. In November right before Thanks giving I got a job a Focus Services. I love working there, there is such a variety of people and things to do that there is never a dull moment. In January I started school at WSU! I LOVE being back in school! You may think I'm a nerd which is true. Sometimes I do complain about getting homework done and such but really I love it!!!! (Especially my French classes.) Life couldn't be better at this moment!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

She is Home!

She is home and will post about her arrival soon!
We are so happy and proud of her.

Monday, September 20, 2010

September 20, 2010

We met an new ami this week his name is Leonardo! He is a complicated man i mean that in a nice way. He is very intelligent and he uses words that frankly i just dont understand. My comp don't either. We have seen him a couple of times and each time he just talks a lot. he listens too. Then last night we went to see him and as we were talking he kept asking these really complicatec questions that I finally told him that he needed to be more simple because they didnt make any sense; As we kept talking and teaching he explained something that helped me understand him. He explained that a few years ago he got divorced and shortly after that his daughter died but he doestn know how. I realized that he hides behind his intelligence. It is still really hard for him to think about his daughter so if he drowns himself in work and in his knowledge it will all go away. We are goingn to see him and teach the plan of Salvation next time. He doesnt understand or believe that throught christ those burdens can be lifted and the peace can come in. i pray for him to be open to the spirit. i really think that his daughter is on the other side pushing him to listen.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

September 13, 2010

So first thing is first the Baptism was great! I can honestly say That Jeremy is someone that has been being prepared for a really long time to accept adn follow our Savior. He is someone very humble. It is reallyfunny because he is pretty quiet too. but he has such a strong testimony. One Wednesday we had the opportunity to watch the restoration movie with him. At the end the Spirit was so strong he then testified to us that he knew that it is true and that he knew that if he could have the faith like Joseph smith Heavenly Father would answer his prayers too! He said too that he was very excited and waiting impatiently for his baptism! He passed the interview Friday. Saturday mornings we all paly sports together as we got there we saw him sitting on a bench just reading the Book of Mormon.Everytime we looked at him he would just smile. Saturday afternoon the Baptims was perfect. There were a lot of the young single adults that came which was really cool! The talks and the music were just perfect. The spirit was really strong as well. I felt so happy and just so excited for him. There is such a peace that comes in thinking about the covenants that he made and also thinking about my own as well. Heavenly Father really doest promises so much when we take upon us his name and promise to follow him. Even yesterday Jeremy couldnt quit smiling again. He stayed and at with us and we had a good time talking. He is so happy to be baptized!
We had many great things happen this week. We had received a referal from the church last week and finally contacted her this week. Her name is Suzanna she is from Brazil. When we finally got to see her she welcomed us in and was very happy to listen to us. she has been here as a students but will be returning home to brazil in less than 2 weeks. When we foundt hat out we were really sad but said we will do all that we can so that when she goes home she will want to find the missionaries. We invited her to come to institute with us and she gladly accepted. The couple that is over institute is amazing SR. Blonchon took her right under her wing and it hink hse taught her more than we did that night. After institute she told us "everyone is so nice and so holy. I really liked it." We set up a time to see here hte next day where we actually taught her about the restoration and invited her to come to the baptism with us. She agreed and came and loved it. That night we invited her to come with us to church the next day and she said well ok. She loved it again. We were talking about it earlier and between Sr. Blanchon; us and church yesterday she has had the basics of all of the lessson. She gave us her address so that wecan find the chruch for her when she gets home. I am just really sad that hse is leaving so soon. but that is not going to stop us from teaching her and helping her have a good base for when she goes home.

Monday, September 6, 2010

September 6, 2010

We have a friend that has a pizza restaurant just around the corner from our appartment: Stephan. As we pass at lunch and as we are on the way home for the night we stop and talk to him; He really is great. This last week we had stopped and my comps were both anxioius to get home but I could see that there was really something bothering Stephan. So I kind of ignored that they were antsy and kept talking with him. Come to fin out he had a cousin that had passed away. It had realy hit him hard; It is interesting because he is someone that believes but that is as far as it goes. It is realy interesting to be able to talk to him and to share our testimonies with him, little by little he is opening up to the gospel.
We are so stinking EXCITED this coming Saturday is Jeremy's Baptism!!! It is fun because we see him almost everyday. THis las week we hadnt palnned to see him on Tuesday and as we were walking through town he passed us in his car and stopped. We ended up talking to him for a little while. He asked us some questions of things he had seen at church liek why the boys all where white shirts and ties and not just regular dress shirts, if he had to buy the white clothes for the baptism. And each tiem that we see him you can see how much he really has put into pratice the gospel. He really isnt scared to change.He has a grand faith that if he changes and starts to keep the commandements as we teach them he is blessed or will be. The other night we were walking to the institute building for the YSA FHE and we got talkinga obut the lesson the night before where we had talked about the 10 comm. and the law of chastity. And he said one of the things that had touched him the most was the commmandment to honor your father and your mother. He explained to me that he never has lived with his dad. he has met him a few times but that is all. BUt he grew up with his mom and one of his aunts. And as he got older he had a hard time making his own decisions because it wasnt exactly what his mom watned him to do but at the same time it wasnt what he wanted to do either. But when he finally decided to leave the Martinique and come to France was when he really started to start his own life. And at first he felt guilty but then as we talked he said,"i dont need to feel guilty. I respect my mom but also I am making the best out of my life. and now I have a the gospel." It really touched me. He is really very sincere and just amazing! Saturday he even reminded us that it was fast Sunday. I had completely forgot and he asks well this weekend isnt it the mothly fast? We were all like well ya. thanks for the reminder.

Monday, August 30, 2010

August 30, 2010

THis week was great! can i tell you how cool Jeremy is?! I am not even kidding! Each time we see him we ask him if he has any questions or whatnot. and mostly he replies with no but... and then shares something that he has learned or something that he really appreciated about the member and things like that. I think one of the coolest things with him this week was when he was praying at the end of the lesson. He testified that he know that the scripture are true. Each time that we ask him to keep a commitment he looks at us like "of course." I dont think that I have had an other amis like him through out all of my mission. It really is interesting as we plan our lessons we keep thinking that we are going to find an obsticale with him but he really is ready for the gospel. For example the other night we taught the Word of Wisdom. He told us that the only thing that he does right now is he drinks a cup of coffee when he is at work but other than that he is ok with all the rest. and he will stop drinking the coffee at work. We were also able to fast with him this last week. it was a really spiritual experience for him and for us. Just to see his faith that he is going to do whatever the Lord asks him to do. It really has made me thinko f my personal obedience. and how well i follow th commandments and how willing I am to follow the directions taht I get from my leaders. He really makes me want to do better to be a better missionary be a better person.