Monday, September 6, 2010

September 6, 2010

We have a friend that has a pizza restaurant just around the corner from our appartment: Stephan. As we pass at lunch and as we are on the way home for the night we stop and talk to him; He really is great. This last week we had stopped and my comps were both anxioius to get home but I could see that there was really something bothering Stephan. So I kind of ignored that they were antsy and kept talking with him. Come to fin out he had a cousin that had passed away. It had realy hit him hard; It is interesting because he is someone that believes but that is as far as it goes. It is realy interesting to be able to talk to him and to share our testimonies with him, little by little he is opening up to the gospel.
We are so stinking EXCITED this coming Saturday is Jeremy's Baptism!!! It is fun because we see him almost everyday. THis las week we hadnt palnned to see him on Tuesday and as we were walking through town he passed us in his car and stopped. We ended up talking to him for a little while. He asked us some questions of things he had seen at church liek why the boys all where white shirts and ties and not just regular dress shirts, if he had to buy the white clothes for the baptism. And each tiem that we see him you can see how much he really has put into pratice the gospel. He really isnt scared to change.He has a grand faith that if he changes and starts to keep the commandements as we teach them he is blessed or will be. The other night we were walking to the institute building for the YSA FHE and we got talkinga obut the lesson the night before where we had talked about the 10 comm. and the law of chastity. And he said one of the things that had touched him the most was the commmandment to honor your father and your mother. He explained to me that he never has lived with his dad. he has met him a few times but that is all. BUt he grew up with his mom and one of his aunts. And as he got older he had a hard time making his own decisions because it wasnt exactly what his mom watned him to do but at the same time it wasnt what he wanted to do either. But when he finally decided to leave the Martinique and come to France was when he really started to start his own life. And at first he felt guilty but then as we talked he said,"i dont need to feel guilty. I respect my mom but also I am making the best out of my life. and now I have a the gospel." It really touched me. He is really very sincere and just amazing! Saturday he even reminded us that it was fast Sunday. I had completely forgot and he asks well this weekend isnt it the mothly fast? We were all like well ya. thanks for the reminder.

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