Tuesday, September 14, 2010

September 13, 2010

So first thing is first the Baptism was great! I can honestly say That Jeremy is someone that has been being prepared for a really long time to accept adn follow our Savior. He is someone very humble. It is reallyfunny because he is pretty quiet too. but he has such a strong testimony. One Wednesday we had the opportunity to watch the restoration movie with him. At the end the Spirit was so strong he then testified to us that he knew that it is true and that he knew that if he could have the faith like Joseph smith Heavenly Father would answer his prayers too! He said too that he was very excited and waiting impatiently for his baptism! He passed the interview Friday. Saturday mornings we all paly sports together as we got there we saw him sitting on a bench just reading the Book of Mormon.Everytime we looked at him he would just smile. Saturday afternoon the Baptims was perfect. There were a lot of the young single adults that came which was really cool! The talks and the music were just perfect. The spirit was really strong as well. I felt so happy and just so excited for him. There is such a peace that comes in thinking about the covenants that he made and also thinking about my own as well. Heavenly Father really doest promises so much when we take upon us his name and promise to follow him. Even yesterday Jeremy couldnt quit smiling again. He stayed and at with us and we had a good time talking. He is so happy to be baptized!
We had many great things happen this week. We had received a referal from the church last week and finally contacted her this week. Her name is Suzanna she is from Brazil. When we finally got to see her she welcomed us in and was very happy to listen to us. she has been here as a students but will be returning home to brazil in less than 2 weeks. When we foundt hat out we were really sad but said we will do all that we can so that when she goes home she will want to find the missionaries. We invited her to come to institute with us and she gladly accepted. The couple that is over institute is amazing SR. Blonchon took her right under her wing and it hink hse taught her more than we did that night. After institute she told us "everyone is so nice and so holy. I really liked it." We set up a time to see here hte next day where we actually taught her about the restoration and invited her to come to the baptism with us. She agreed and came and loved it. That night we invited her to come with us to church the next day and she said well ok. She loved it again. We were talking about it earlier and between Sr. Blanchon; us and church yesterday she has had the basics of all of the lessson. She gave us her address so that wecan find the chruch for her when she gets home. I am just really sad that hse is leaving so soon. but that is not going to stop us from teaching her and helping her have a good base for when she goes home.

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