Monday, September 20, 2010

September 20, 2010

We met an new ami this week his name is Leonardo! He is a complicated man i mean that in a nice way. He is very intelligent and he uses words that frankly i just dont understand. My comp don't either. We have seen him a couple of times and each time he just talks a lot. he listens too. Then last night we went to see him and as we were talking he kept asking these really complicatec questions that I finally told him that he needed to be more simple because they didnt make any sense; As we kept talking and teaching he explained something that helped me understand him. He explained that a few years ago he got divorced and shortly after that his daughter died but he doestn know how. I realized that he hides behind his intelligence. It is still really hard for him to think about his daughter so if he drowns himself in work and in his knowledge it will all go away. We are goingn to see him and teach the plan of Salvation next time. He doesnt understand or believe that throught christ those burdens can be lifted and the peace can come in. i pray for him to be open to the spirit. i really think that his daughter is on the other side pushing him to listen.

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