Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween Pictures from France

Jenni with her companion, Sister Royer
Jen's Halloween Costume - half missionary - half goof ball

Jenni with a ward member dressed as Sister Lake
An American Family
Ward Halloween Party
The Sister Missionaries planned a Ward Halloween Party for Saturday, October 24th and it was a huge success; everyone had fun.

October 26, 2009

we were trying to teach Mattius this last week that Heavenly Father is there that he does hear and answers. We dont need an appointment we dont have to worry if he is on vacation or if it is his day off because he is always there. It is hard for Mattius to understand that there is a way to get rid ofall the pains and trials that there is someone that understand exactly how we feel. But little by little he is understanding. Before I forget I have to tell you about the Halloween Party and this weekend. Sr. Royer and i really stressed and worked to prepare everything for the party. All week we were preparing little things. I have never planned a ward party before and i have to say that it is stressful; But it all turned out great! Saturday was a busy day. There was a baptism Saturday morning; It was a young man, Teddy, the same age as I am. He is actually married to a member that has been in active for a while. It was another amazing baptism; It is cool to see the love that grows betweena couple when the nonmember spouse is baptized. And they start progressing together to go to the temple.AFter the baptism we decorated a little bit bu then had a couple of rendezvous. The party was supposed to start at 6 and we got there about 5 to finish decorating and preparing; like most ward parties every started showing up shortly after 6. There were tons of people that came. It turned out so sell. They ate; The little kids did trick or treating int he church, and Fr. Neuvre brought his computer and was the DJ for the Evening. Everyone loved it! Halloween isnt really celebrated here. so it is kindo f a weird concept for them, but they love it. This week was an interesting week and a week that if you look at numbers and things was the greatest week but yesterday we were really blessed. We met this guy and the road and had just said hi to him when he says to us do you want my address come over visit with me and eat with me. It is has been so long since the missionaries have been to see me. I guess he lost contact with the missionaries and was soexcited when he saw us yesterday. Then shortly after that we were sitting on a bench waiting for Didier when another man walked up and asked what is your message do you preach the good word of GOd? I can testify that Heavenly Father helps us out. There are people that are searching for the light of Christ in their life. I am so excited for this week. We have set a goal to find 2 families to teach this transfer. And we are going to find them. This week is also the conference with Elder holland. I cant explain to you how extremely Excited I am! So tune in next week tko hear what he had to teach us. I love you! I hope that you have an incredible week! Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 19, 2009

October 19, 2009

I cant belive how fasts this week went by. As I was thinking about what I wanted to share with you and just what had happened this week i couldnt help but think that it feel like it should still be the first of October. Anywho It has changed from being nice fall weather to being freezing cold. The wind has blown pretty constantly for the last week. Soeur Royer and I decided that there is really no use in doing our hair because the minute we walk out the door it blows away. We are finding more and more that the wind and skirts dont get along very well....Aside for that it was a great week. There is a sister that we have been visiting a lot lately named Sr. Garcia. She is someone that has gives all she ahs for others. She is divorced but still stays strong, She has a son that lives not to far and she would do anything for him and his family. SHe has been like that all her life. But now she is in the last year of work and so stressed. so stressed that she is sick. The sad thing is that she is in a position that she needs someone to give back to her. So we go and visit when we can. We have talked about how sometimes Heavenly Father pushes us to the point that we really cant take any more yet we know that we cant giv up an just have to keep going even if it is only one day at a time. She is so strong. That is exactly it we have to stay stong even when we think that we will break. I have learned something really cool this week form One of our new amis Mattius. He loves to talk and it get hard to teach him. but the other nigth we were getting ready to go and he asked us what he could do because he has some problems with his neighbors and he doesnt know what to do. As he explained the problem we didnt know what to tell him he could do but the idea came to have him read int he Book of Mormon and pray. We invited him to read Enos that night and to start with a Prayer and ask God his question. He agreed but asked if we would read at the same time as he did. We agreed knowing that he was going to receive and answer. We called him the next day and he expalined that as he read he had a voice tell him what he should do. Later in the week he asked for another chapter that he could find an answer in. The same thing happend he received his answer as he read. For me I am realizing that it is the same for us that everytime we open the scriptures we can receive an answer. Like the promise in Moroni "if you will ask with a sincere heart" you can receive an answer. He doesnt say that it will only work one time but everytime we open and read we can find answers to all or our worries and questions. Sometimes it is jus peace that we find. I love the Book of Mormon I know that it is the word fo God. Its incredible to have the time each morning to study it fora few minutes.

Monday, October 12, 2009

October 12, 2009

This last week I have realized even more how often the spirit speaks to me. A lot of times it is just little things a little thought as we are getting ready to leave the apartment or the thought to talk to someone. Saturday night as we were planning and making a list of all the people we needed to talk to at church I had the thought that I needed to Talk to Sr. Ramano and see if we could go visit this week. I didnt write it down but I thought about. Then yesterday as we were getting ready to start Sunday school she came in and handed the book for the lesson to the Elders and asked them to teach and then walked out. I could see that she was crying. I knew then why i had had the prompting Saturday to talk to her. I go up and followed her out. By th time Sr. Royer and I caught up to here she was just sobbing. I we spent Sunday school talking to her. She is struggling as a single mother with 2 teenagers. Really there was nothing that we could say or do to make it all better but just being there for her was enough. It is the promptings like that that we need to act on everytime. When we act on those promptings the Lord sends us more. It has been interesting in this ward. I love this ward. I have realized that the work in this ward is to strengthen the memebers as much as it is to find new members. Yesterday as I walked into sacrement meeting I saw a less active sister that we have been working with that hasn't come for i Dont know how long, then a brother that we stopped by and saw one time, then Celine and her family. i had this overwhelming feeling of love and joy come over me. I know that the work I am doing is important even though sometimes it seems useless. I cant explain how happy Iam to be here. There is always someone that we can touch it may take time but it is not useless. I am very content. Heavely Father has blessed us so much this week. We found a new ami this week, Mathieus. We had received a list of old referrals that the mission office had sent at the beginning of the year but the missionaries hadn't contacted and he was one of them. When we called he was more than excited to talk to us again. He has had a hard life and is looking for peace and happiness. I could go on and on with all the blessings of this week. I know that this is the Lord's work I know that he has called us to find our brothers and sisters that are lost and in need of us.

Monday, October 5, 2009

October 5, 2009

FOr the Saturady Sessions of Conference the only way we could go was if we had an ami or one of our less actives that there. I knew that for the first session (the RS) we would have someone there. We were lucky and someone for both session Saturday. Just before it started we had a rendez vous with Marie. As we entered the chappel everything was already set up and I could hear the choir singing. I have never been so excited for conference in my life. During our entire rendez-vous I couldnt quit smiling. I loved the Relief Society session. Seeing all of the sisters in the conference center and know ing that you and Kort were there, and just seeing the little piece of home I was overewhelmed and couldnt help but cry. I cant explain the feeling that overcame me. There is a special unity in the Relief Society that you cant find in any other group of women. It is an orginazation of charity. And we share that from sister to sister to strengthen each other. I felt that there was a real theme of listening to the spirit and holding to the values of the church and to our families. And if we do these things that is when we will find the most happiness. For the sessions yesterday I was able to listen to it in english for me the element of hearing the proper voices of the Prophet and the apostles has more power. The people that translate just dont have that umph in their voices. I feel like I have rambled for most of this email. But I want you to know that more than anything my testimony of this gospel was strengthened this week. I know that we have a prophet today, President Monson, who leads us. I know that if we will listen to his counsel and apply it in our lives we will receive countless blessings. I know that this church is True. Christ lives and stands at the Head of his church. Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers.