Monday, October 26, 2009

October 26, 2009

we were trying to teach Mattius this last week that Heavenly Father is there that he does hear and answers. We dont need an appointment we dont have to worry if he is on vacation or if it is his day off because he is always there. It is hard for Mattius to understand that there is a way to get rid ofall the pains and trials that there is someone that understand exactly how we feel. But little by little he is understanding. Before I forget I have to tell you about the Halloween Party and this weekend. Sr. Royer and i really stressed and worked to prepare everything for the party. All week we were preparing little things. I have never planned a ward party before and i have to say that it is stressful; But it all turned out great! Saturday was a busy day. There was a baptism Saturday morning; It was a young man, Teddy, the same age as I am. He is actually married to a member that has been in active for a while. It was another amazing baptism; It is cool to see the love that grows betweena couple when the nonmember spouse is baptized. And they start progressing together to go to the temple.AFter the baptism we decorated a little bit bu then had a couple of rendezvous. The party was supposed to start at 6 and we got there about 5 to finish decorating and preparing; like most ward parties every started showing up shortly after 6. There were tons of people that came. It turned out so sell. They ate; The little kids did trick or treating int he church, and Fr. Neuvre brought his computer and was the DJ for the Evening. Everyone loved it! Halloween isnt really celebrated here. so it is kindo f a weird concept for them, but they love it. This week was an interesting week and a week that if you look at numbers and things was the greatest week but yesterday we were really blessed. We met this guy and the road and had just said hi to him when he says to us do you want my address come over visit with me and eat with me. It is has been so long since the missionaries have been to see me. I guess he lost contact with the missionaries and was soexcited when he saw us yesterday. Then shortly after that we were sitting on a bench waiting for Didier when another man walked up and asked what is your message do you preach the good word of GOd? I can testify that Heavenly Father helps us out. There are people that are searching for the light of Christ in their life. I am so excited for this week. We have set a goal to find 2 families to teach this transfer. And we are going to find them. This week is also the conference with Elder holland. I cant explain to you how extremely Excited I am! So tune in next week tko hear what he had to teach us. I love you! I hope that you have an incredible week! Happy Halloween!

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