Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Closing Chapter

Today was a hard day. A chapter of five years is coming to a close. When I was in high school I started babysitting for the Christiansen family. At the time they had two, cute, little boys. Kyler who is sevearly handicapped and Karson who is rough and tumble and all boy. I didn't know at the time how they would change my life. Many weekends I would be at their house just playing while Kandi and Kovi went out. Few years later Kia came along. I was still babysitting but when I came it was Karson's time. So until Kia was a year old she went with mom and dad. By that time I was moving away to school. I didn't see them as often but on the occasion or long weekends when I was home I would babysit.

This December when I moved home I saw Kovi at the school one day. As we were catching up on life he asked if I would want to watch the kids because they had just lost their babysitter. It has been a great thing! I have mostly had Kia. She is a little princess.

Today was the last day of watching the Christiansen kids. I have thought all week that it will be good to be done so then I can focus a little more on getting things ready for my mission. I was wrong. I dropped Kia off to her dad. As I walked away I shed a few tears. Reality smacked me in the face. When I get back I won't be babysitting them anymore. As the post said this chapter is closing. I'm so grateful for the last 5 years! I have learned a lot about happiness. One of my favorite things is when Kyler laughs. Nothing can make you feel better than to hear him laugh, it is contagious. Children really are a gift from God and will teach you so much if you let them. A big thanks to the Christiansen's for letting me be apart of their life.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Time is flying so fast!

I can't believe it! In 2 1/2 weeks I will be entering the MTC! It seems like just yesterday I was received my call. I have really enjoyed the time i have had the last couple of months to prepare. Since I moved home I have managed to keep myself busy mostly watching kids. You know it is fun to revert back to childhood even if it is only for a few minutes. Kia, one of the little girls I watch is all girl. She loves dolls, dress-up, princesses (especially Enchanted) and painting fingernails and toenails. When her brothers get home all the girly stuff goes away and they are both rough and tumble. Don't tell their parents we rough house the entire time.
I have also been able to watch my two cousins Whitney and Waylon. They are fun boys too! They are complete opposite of each other. Waylon goes a hundred miles an hour all day long, then you have Whitney who is content to sit and draw for hours.
In between the kids I have been able to go to the temple quite often. In preparing for a mission I think that it helps a lot. It is truly the house of the Lord.
Reality is really starting to hit that in just a few days I will be leaving all of this for a new adventure. I am excited to be able to serve my Heavenly Father for 18 months!
I will try to update with a few pictures soon.