Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Closing Chapter

Today was a hard day. A chapter of five years is coming to a close. When I was in high school I started babysitting for the Christiansen family. At the time they had two, cute, little boys. Kyler who is sevearly handicapped and Karson who is rough and tumble and all boy. I didn't know at the time how they would change my life. Many weekends I would be at their house just playing while Kandi and Kovi went out. Few years later Kia came along. I was still babysitting but when I came it was Karson's time. So until Kia was a year old she went with mom and dad. By that time I was moving away to school. I didn't see them as often but on the occasion or long weekends when I was home I would babysit.

This December when I moved home I saw Kovi at the school one day. As we were catching up on life he asked if I would want to watch the kids because they had just lost their babysitter. It has been a great thing! I have mostly had Kia. She is a little princess.

Today was the last day of watching the Christiansen kids. I have thought all week that it will be good to be done so then I can focus a little more on getting things ready for my mission. I was wrong. I dropped Kia off to her dad. As I walked away I shed a few tears. Reality smacked me in the face. When I get back I won't be babysitting them anymore. As the post said this chapter is closing. I'm so grateful for the last 5 years! I have learned a lot about happiness. One of my favorite things is when Kyler laughs. Nothing can make you feel better than to hear him laugh, it is contagious. Children really are a gift from God and will teach you so much if you let them. A big thanks to the Christiansen's for letting me be apart of their life.

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