Monday, October 12, 2009

October 12, 2009

This last week I have realized even more how often the spirit speaks to me. A lot of times it is just little things a little thought as we are getting ready to leave the apartment or the thought to talk to someone. Saturday night as we were planning and making a list of all the people we needed to talk to at church I had the thought that I needed to Talk to Sr. Ramano and see if we could go visit this week. I didnt write it down but I thought about. Then yesterday as we were getting ready to start Sunday school she came in and handed the book for the lesson to the Elders and asked them to teach and then walked out. I could see that she was crying. I knew then why i had had the prompting Saturday to talk to her. I go up and followed her out. By th time Sr. Royer and I caught up to here she was just sobbing. I we spent Sunday school talking to her. She is struggling as a single mother with 2 teenagers. Really there was nothing that we could say or do to make it all better but just being there for her was enough. It is the promptings like that that we need to act on everytime. When we act on those promptings the Lord sends us more. It has been interesting in this ward. I love this ward. I have realized that the work in this ward is to strengthen the memebers as much as it is to find new members. Yesterday as I walked into sacrement meeting I saw a less active sister that we have been working with that hasn't come for i Dont know how long, then a brother that we stopped by and saw one time, then Celine and her family. i had this overwhelming feeling of love and joy come over me. I know that the work I am doing is important even though sometimes it seems useless. I cant explain how happy Iam to be here. There is always someone that we can touch it may take time but it is not useless. I am very content. Heavely Father has blessed us so much this week. We found a new ami this week, Mathieus. We had received a list of old referrals that the mission office had sent at the beginning of the year but the missionaries hadn't contacted and he was one of them. When we called he was more than excited to talk to us again. He has had a hard life and is looking for peace and happiness. I could go on and on with all the blessings of this week. I know that this is the Lord's work I know that he has called us to find our brothers and sisters that are lost and in need of us.

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