Monday, August 30, 2010

August 30, 2010

THis week was great! can i tell you how cool Jeremy is?! I am not even kidding! Each time we see him we ask him if he has any questions or whatnot. and mostly he replies with no but... and then shares something that he has learned or something that he really appreciated about the member and things like that. I think one of the coolest things with him this week was when he was praying at the end of the lesson. He testified that he know that the scripture are true. Each time that we ask him to keep a commitment he looks at us like "of course." I dont think that I have had an other amis like him through out all of my mission. It really is interesting as we plan our lessons we keep thinking that we are going to find an obsticale with him but he really is ready for the gospel. For example the other night we taught the Word of Wisdom. He told us that the only thing that he does right now is he drinks a cup of coffee when he is at work but other than that he is ok with all the rest. and he will stop drinking the coffee at work. We were also able to fast with him this last week. it was a really spiritual experience for him and for us. Just to see his faith that he is going to do whatever the Lord asks him to do. It really has made me thinko f my personal obedience. and how well i follow th commandments and how willing I am to follow the directions taht I get from my leaders. He really makes me want to do better to be a better missionary be a better person.

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