Monday, August 16, 2010

August 16, 2010

This week was really a week of miracles. for the first time all transfer we had amis at church: three to be exact!!!
It was so crazy because there is one guy whose name is Eric. Soeur Madsen and I started teaching him but then he kind of disappeared. Two weeks ago he got on the bus with us and started talking a bout how he still wants to be baptized and wanted to know what he needed to do. So I explained that we needed to see him and he needed to come to church. Well after that he disappeared again for a few days. one day this week we got on the bus together again. As we got talking he siad he wanted to meet us at the church and wanted to come and see what it was like. When he came it was such a great experience. The only thing is he might be moving in like a week. but we will see.
The second of our amis his name is Pedro he has been really flaky too. but this week we were able to see him 2 times one at his house and one at the church. He came and really like church!
The Third was a new ami Jeremy! WE had a great appointment with him on Saturday. he was contacted one of the elders but lives in our area so we got to teach hhim. He came and met us to go to the Church. He is from Martinique. He said that he really has been thinking about his faith and how he wants to hae more faith in God and know that he is there. WE gave him a tour of the church then started teaching the restoration. As we were teaching we asked if he had an questions. With all seriousness he says, "is someone like me wants to be rebaptized what do they need to do? do they have to have permission from their parents or how does that work?" Seriously that is like music to missionaries ears. WE then told him what he had to do and asked if we could set a date for his baptism. He then replies that he is ready to do all that he needs to to be baptized and find his faith. It truely was a greatexperience. As we were leaving the church I really was just in awe of what had just happened. He is ready!
that is just a couple of the miracles that have happened! I was thinking about the week during sacrement meeting yesterday and how We had been working all transfer and had been teaching and trying or best but were just not seeing the results that we wanted then yesterday all at once i saw that the blessing and the results come not always with the same people that we would have thought but with the our brothers and sisters that Heavenly Father has prepared.

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