Monday, May 3, 2010

May 2, 2010

It was really funny Saturday it was "Mayday" and it is big holliday here. no one works, there are no buses, very very few store and restaurants opened, the city is dead! It really is a day of no work. Let just say that the day was interesting for us as well. Friday night as we were looking at our agendas and our plans we realized we had no appointments nothing for the entire day. since there wouldnt be any buses eaither we knew we would do a lot of walking. We stratigically planned. And we went from havinga day with nothing planned to being one of the best days of the week. we were able to see some of our amis and also members. the day was literally one of the best days. we did have a weird experience. On our way to see Mrs. Chapuis we contacted a man walking his dog. We talked with him for a few minutes but he really didnt seem interested and he said that he was mad at God so it really didnt matter what we said. We gave him our card and said he could look at the internet site and if one day he wanted to know more he could call us. then we continued on our way. A couple hours later we recieved a phone call from a man that started asking all sorts of questions aobut our church and said he wanted to know more but he would tell us his name. i really didnt feel like he was going to do anything to us so we said we would meet in him the Center of the City at 5. We called Bro. Simon to come with us. As we got there we realized that it was the same man that we had contacted earlier. The lesson went well but we could see that there was something that just didnt click with him and he thanked us and said he wouldnt bother us anymore. Then yesterday mornig he showed up at church. Talk about a miracle. His name is Eric and he is really nice I think that he comes from a hard back ground. And yesterday there were many members that came up to him and said they were happy to see him there. He was really touched. I dont know what will happen next with him or if he will see us again but he knows that he is welcome among the memberes of the church and the missionaries.
i am still in awe at how much Heavenly Father continues to bless us. We are finding new people and see progression with some of the amis that we have already. It is interesting to see how each person progresses differently. It goes to show how really we are all unique that some of us move fast than others and the principles that are hard for one person are so easy for another.

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