Wednesday, April 28, 2010

April 28, 2010

This last week have had so many blessing we are finding new amis all the time; Sr. Andrews and i were talking yesterday and we dont know what we did to be so blessed. It was really cool I don't know if i told you about Stephan. Sr. Cordner and i had contacted him about a month ago then this last week we finally had an appointment with him. He is really cool. He has been in many different religions and finally joined the catholic church 3 years ago and says that it is the one that helps him feel the closest to God. Our lesson with him was so good. he had so many questions and really wants to know more.
Our other amis are doing well. it has been hard to see them more than once a week for the last couple of weeks but they are still doing well and progressing.
Friday night we had such a miracle. We had been in an appointment with Theirry and when we got done we had a missed call. We didnt know the number but the mister had left a message sayinghe wanted to know the address to the church so he could come. We called him back and we set an appointment with him to give him a tour of the church Saturday moring. We thought that it was a man that we had talked to in the road earlier in the week but weren't really sure. So Saturday morning we show up with Sr. Gentil to give him a tour. When he gets there we realized that we had never seen him before. What had happened he had met the sisters a little over a year ago and just decided that he wanted to come see the church was lilke so he called us. We were blown away! He was really cool. the sister with us talked a whole lot and we were worried that it scared him off. He didnt come to church on Sunday but when we called he said he had got called to work but that he would come next week; and just tonight we ran into him on the road and he wants to see us again!

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