Monday, April 12, 2010

April 12, 2010

This week was a good week but really weird. We have a schedule down and we see our amis Tuesdays and Thursdays. Well most of them. just because that is when they are free. And this wee we had the Soeurs Conference Thursday so we didnt get to see al of them like we wanted to. THey are doing well. Thierry is continuing to really progess. When we saw him this week he said that he smokes half a pack a cigerettes a day now instead of a whole pack. And he doenst drink coffee anymore! it was interesting because since he has been coming to church every week he has really been keeping his commitments and progressing. I love Cathy! she is so open and is progressing as well. SHe understands and loves the gospel. We need to get her to come to church. I think that is what will make the difference. there was a Baptism of a Sister from the branch of St. RApheal this weekend. They have to come to Cannes because they dont have a font in their building. It was such a neat baptism. Our ami Madame Chapuis came and really liked it.As we were talking after we finally figured out why she isnt progressing . she has stopped praying and reading the scriptures. It is interesting when you think about it. when we stop praying and reading we stop progressing in our lives. I understand more and more why it is important for our amis to keep doing it too. The spirit really is there so much more and helps us in our lives when we are doing these things. It was so good to have a Soeur Conference! It really was a fun day. I was so excited to see all of the Soeurs especailly SR. Brunt. The theme of the conference was becoming our best selfs. Sr. CArter talked to us aobut the 2 extremes that we find in the world. One being the extreme of fiting th mold of the world and having the right size, clothes and personality. Then the other side of the being the perfect mormons. She went on to talk about the two extremes arent good. that Heavenly Father has created us each differently and we need to be happy in our own skin. Then she went onto talk about how we need to set goals to be progressing and doing the best taht we can but not be too hard on ourselves. we have weaknesses and they are to help us to grow. We should set goals and standards for our own progression not according to the progression of others. I just love Sr. CAter. As part of the being our best self, we made all sorts of differnt salads for lunch! She talked about eating right and exercising. to end the afternoon we did some Yoga! The day was so much fun and just relaxing. WE had fun talking and laughing. To be honest it was kind of like we werent missionaries anymore just friends.

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