Monday, April 19, 2010

April 19, 2010

We really had a great week. we found 3 new amis this week. THe first one was really a miracle. We had an evening that we had a lot of time and no appointments and decided that we would knock some doors. I had seen this appartment complex and had wanted to go there for a while but we just never did but since we had the time and it was int he area we decided to go there. As we started there wasnt anyone home on the first couple of doors. Then there was a few people that slammed the doors in our faces. But we werent getting discouraged. We had got to a new floor and the first door the lady wasnt very nice or interested. Then the next the lady opened up and started to talk with us. SHe explained that she was 100% catholic and very believing. we talked with her about 5 minutes then invited us in. We were able to share the Restoration with her. All through the lesson she talked but when we got to the first vision she was quiet and calm. She thought about it and said that she would love to come to our church. We set up another appointment for this week and she is going to come to church with us next Sunday. Her name is Visgna. WE left and were just in awe.
We talked to a couple other people in the building none of who were interested. It is crazy how Heavenly Father really puts people on our path and it is up to us to find them. It was like that with Anna that we found this week. We had been contacting and not really having "success" then we found Anna and she agreed to see us again. She wanted to know more.
As for our other amis this week was a little difficult again. It has been the vacation for the schools and that throws off all of our amis. But they are doing well. Mrs. Chapuis is doing good again. WE had been to see here on Wednesday and talked about the Liahona and the things that we have in our lives today that are like liahonas. We gave her chapter to read for our next appointment. so When we went back on Saturday she had read and she had a whole list of questions. We spent the whole time answering her questions. She has been struggling to see that Heavenly Father is helping her in her life but this last week she has seen many things that he has done to help her. It was really cool because we had SR. paya with us who is the wife of the bishop. She told Mrs. chapuis that as a couple they have been praying for her specifically. And that it was really a testimony builder for her to see that Hevenly Father is answering our prayers.
There ward here does something that I have never seen in a ward before. Every Tuesday night they have like and acting club. They decide on a play or skits or something they want to do and then work on it for the following months and then have a preformance. Well they had their preformance this last weekend and it was amazing. There were only six of them and they did skits to music. The thing is there wasnt any talking at all. It was so cool! We were so sad because it started at 8 so we didnt get to stay to see the end. It really was so cool and something new and different that I have never seen before. They are very talented.

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