Wednesday, April 7, 2010

April 6, 2010

I think that all week that is what we talked about with our amis and with people that we met on the street. I loved being able to talk about Jesus Christ. To think about his life and all that he did for us. The spirit was so strong as we had the opportunity to testify to our amis that he lives. I think one of the coolest things was Sunday. Our Amis Thierry came right as the first session ended. We had the 2 hours in between to talk. I undestand a lot more about him and what he thinks about the church. He was talking with Brother Simon and told him all the things that had really suprised him as he has been being taught. He was raised Catholic so he knows the basics about CHrist but when he learned that Christ is still living he said that he was shocked. Then for him to know that we have a prophet on the earth he was suprised as well. We really did have an intersting discussion. He loved conference too! Earlier in the week we seen him and he has started to keep the Word of Wisdom. He has stopped drinking coffee and says he is almost ready to stop smoking. He really suprises us each time we see him.
I have to laugh sometimes at what people ask us and also what they think we do at our church. For instance we had invited someone to come to conference and he's like "will there be somthing that i have to do in order to enter, dont they rub wine on your head?" I honestly started laughing. He looked at us like what. We told him that we dont do things weird that everyone is welcome and can come in as they would like.
Anther interesting thing is when we tell people that God has called a prophet for us today. A lot of people think that it is the pope. Anyway random run ins for the week.
I was so excited Cathy came to Conference Saturday night. It was the first Saturday session that we got to watch. Some of it really was just for her. She is a single mother. Her daughter is 12 or 13. so just starting to be a teenager. and that session really had a lot of talk about mothers and their daughters. She said today that she was expecting that they would read from the bible and the Book of Mormon and talk about the verses but was pleasently suprised when they really did talk about things that concern us today in our everyday lives.

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