Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March 29, 2010

This week was good. we Are keeping busy and trying to prepare our amis to come to General Conference. We realized that it is going to be alittle hard with it Easter weekend. But we are going to do our Best. Our one ami Ivinia is so excited she really wants to come. We are praying that her husband will let her come for at least one of the sessions. We saw her this afternoon and as we were talking about it she kept getting more and more excited she is going to try and invite all of her family to come and see it as well. We are praying that they will be opened to atleast come and see what it is. I just love her. She said today that she feels like thanking Heavenly Father isnt enough for all of the blessings she is receiving!
I have been thinking about this week and the experiences we have had realized that we had many. I didnt think at first that i had a lot to share but really there is a lot.
One of our other amis Celine fasted with us last week. We had taught about fasting and praying and engaged her to set a goal or find something that she needed help with then we would all fast together. She decided that she couldnt fast for herself that her daughter needed it more than she did; Her daught is 7 and is struggling in school. So we fasted for her. A lot of times the first time to fast is hard but she did it. We went to see her today and as we were talking she said i have to tell you about the fast it we really hard but you know it is really powerful! She continued to tell us that as she prayed and fasted for her daughter the spirit helped her see what was wrong with her daughter and how she could help her. It was a great experience for me. I know that the fast relly is something that is powerful and can and will help us in all situations.
There was another night this week that we went to teach Mrs. Chapuis. We taught about tithing. the bishop was with us and really helped. As we were talking about how the Lord asks for 10% she said that is alot. She said that what do you do when you cant make it everymonth anyway how do you pay tithing? we each shared a personal experience and how tithing is really like taking a leap of faith. Bishop Paya shared with us that it is like when he is playing with his nephews and they are on the table and he tells them to jump to him. They have so much faith and know that their uncle will catch them. It is like that with us and Heavenly Father other than sometimes we are scared that he wont catch us. I never realized truly we need to walk by faith and have more confidence in our heavenly Father. Each time he asks us to jump he is going to catch us. he wont let us fall. He knows our limits and sometimes he will puch us to where we think we cant go any farther but then just when we think we are going to fall he catches us. He is there to help us. Because he loves us unconditionally.
I just love that it is spring time. EVerything is in full bloom here. There are flowers everywhere and of all size shape and colors. Then we have the beach. Sunday night we walked down by the beach for a few minutes. I could have stayed there for hours just watching the waves roll in. There are so many beautiful creations around us that testify that there is a creator.

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