Monday, March 8, 2010

March 8, 2010

So far so good here. We actually have quite a few amis that we teach often. For the first week it wasnt too bad. It is so different to Perpignan and is interesting to adapt to the change. The city is a rich city you could say with lots of tourist starting to come. It is a lot busier than what i was used to. The ward is lot bigger too and seems to have a some really strong families which is a good thing. THis week we actually taught one of our amis with the bishop which was cool, i have never taught with the bishop my entire mission. His dad is a general authourity and is in this ward too. Elder Paya. As for the ward so far so good.
Like I was saying we have some really cool amis. one her name is Ivania. It wasnt that long ago that the soeurs started teaching her. Before we went to see her the first time this week Sr. Cordner said that she is from Portugal and that they thought she had a hard time understanding when she read in French. SO I go in thinking that we will gos low and really teach to help her understand. Well lets just say that I was shocked. She is reading int he BOM and is already to 2 Nephi. She even had a few questions to what she read. She is so cute. she is 21 and newly married. She told us that as she reads and prays she really feel like it is true that the book of Mormon is not just a story but something real. The second time we went she said that she has always prayed in the morning and since we have been teaching her she has started parying at night and she cnat go to sleep now without praying. As we were talking about it after the lesson Sr. Cordner said that they ahvent even taught the lessons "praying and studying the scriptures." It was such a testimony builder of how the holy ghost works on people when they have the desire to know more.
I can say that is the greatsest desire of a missionary to see that the amis understand and are ready to try new and really pray to know and find the truth.

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