Thursday, March 18, 2010

March 17, 2010

I really am excited to be in Cannes. The change has been different but it is going well. We have some amesome amis and all but of them are girls! ALl of them are progressing too!
here is a little about them.
Ivania she is 21 and newly married. And she already love the gospel. Each time that we go she is so exicted and she says I feel such a difference in my life I am doing things that I have never done but that are for the best. We are praying that here husband will see the differences in her and want to listen a little more.
Cathy is a reference of a member. Last week whe had asked us a question about how she could know what God expects of her and in repose we gave her 2 Nephi 31 to read and we talke about it yesterday with her. Before we started the lesson she said to us "so i read the chapter and I know that in order to live with God again I need to be baptized." we were a little dumbfounded and simply said well ya. But it was such a testimony builder the spirit helps prepare our amis for the lessons. She has been a little bit closed with us. She talks but not a whole lot. yesterday was so cool she opened right up and explained that she likes what she is feeling thinks this is what she wants but she wants to be sure and is going to take her time. It was the best lesson we have had with her.
We actually found a new ami this last week his name is Mr. Ananna. (sidenote ananna in french means pineapple) He is really cool! He was muslim until last year and he converted to christianism. He realized that Jesus really is the Christ and that means that Mohamed isnt a prophet and that the Koran isnt true. The thing is we think that he is kind of under cover about it because all of his family and everything are practicing muslims. But he is really cool and has a lot of potential.
The Ville is very active. There are people everywhere and all the time. We are right next to the sea with the mountains just behind. It is starting to get warmer! EVerything is blooming and just beautiful. I will have to take picture and send to you!
The ward is a the biggerst ward that I have been in. There area lot of families and young kids in the ward so it is really different. There are only a few members that I know right now but little by little we are trying to go visit them and get to know them. Sr. Cordner doesnt know them very well either so that is our goal to to go and visit and get to know them. Know the members makes all the difference in the work. They really help out and make the transition for our amis a lote easier.

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