Monday, March 22, 2010

March 22, 2010

First I have a funny story for you. So the door to our apartment there isnt handle on the outside so you have to have the key to unlock it to go in. so yesterday we were getting ready to leave for church we were a little behind and thought we would be late for the bus. We prayed then opened the door to leave I stepped out to turn on the light in the hall but i didnt grab the keys out of the door. Well Sr. cordner thinking that I had the keys stepped out and closed the door. No sooner had the door closed then we looked at each other and were like oh crap. the keys are in the inside. There is no way to open the door. We stresssed for a second then said the balcony door is unlocked so we can climb up and getin that way but if we do that now we will be late for church so we will do it after church. So long story short we went to church then asked the elders to come and climb up to the balcony for us. Well they said they could. lets just say it was quite amusing. I was so glad that we have the elders close by if not it would have been and interesting experience climbing up the first story balcony in a dress.
On to another things...
We have had some really good experiences with our amis this week. I think I told you a little bit aobut our amis Mr. Ananna. We got to see him on Saturday. We have been teaching him at his work because his wife doesnt like the idea that he is Christian now. When we got there Saturday We were asking him if he had had a chance to read in the BOM He's like ya i read a little bit i dont know what page hold on let me look. Come to find out he read over 60 pages. Even asking him about it he was understanding what he is reading and he loves it. He really is someone that has been prepared to come to know christ. It is amazing too to see the change that he has made from being a muslim to Christian.
One of our other amis. Thierry is som funny. He always has such random questions and we were really wondering if he understands anything that we teach. Well We taught him Tuesday and he gave him a chapter to read in the BOM When he came Friday he said that he had read and he had actually got curious and started from the beginning to read the BOM. I was suprised! My testimony is confirmed more and more of the power of the Book of Mormon. The Spirit really does testify of the truthfulness of the Plan of Salvation and also that Jesus is the Christ; i love the book of Mormon more and more each day. i love how the spirit can teach us new things from the same passage that we have read hundreds of times. There is no way someone could convince me that it is just a story that Joseph SMith made up. It is a true Stroy it is aobut real people real prophets that lived and saw and talked with our Savior.

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