Monday, April 12, 2010

Picnic in France

We got to go with the Ward last week on a picnic. We went up to this little village in the mountains about an hour from Cannes. It was beautiful!!!! We played games and ate. I think the best part was not doing anything and just being able to visit with the members.
Jen in Gourdon where the picnic was held.
Jen in Grasse with the view behind

It is funny for the picnic you have all sorts of things but mostly sandwiches. But they are good sandwiches on baguettes!!! I love them. but then you have a lot of people that bring like salads or cold pizza. they eat a lot of cold pizza here. also they make lots of tarts/keishes. I will have to make one for you when I get home. As for the games they playes soccer, badminton, and this other cherades game.

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