Monday, November 30, 2009

November 30, 2009

This last week was a little weird all or our amis were really busy and we didnt really get to see or teach them :( but like last night we stopped by to see a sister in the ward that is active but who I have never talked to. It was the best visit of the week. She told us a cool story of when she was at the temple one time ther temple president had spoken to a group that she was with. she said the meeting was absolutelly amazing and as they were leaving a brother said to her "i wish that he(the temple president) could come to Perpignan. We need someone like him there." After he had said that the temple president who was just behind them siad "you know what you dont need me to come there, you dont need to wish to be like me. You can be like me. All the good that you see in me you can create and be yourself." - Sister Meunier went on to say that she had never thought about it like that. but how true it is that we need to be the positive change we want to see in the world. I was so gald that we had stopped to see her last night.
It is interesting at this moment in time all of the new converts here in Perpignan are having a trial of their faith. We had the chance to visit with celine this last week. And I thought that she was doing well. But come to find out she is having a hard time too. All that to say that I realize that Heavenly Father will try our faith just to the point when we dont think we can handle it anymore. The cool thing is he never forgets us and he is always there. But like Sr. Royer keeps sharing that if we are being faithful to our covenants and all that Heavenly Father asks of us we have every right to ask for specific blessings.

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