Monday, December 7, 2009

And Soeur Lake gets to....?

I get to stay in Perpignan!!!!! I have literally been praying for a couple of weeks to stay. There is something inside me that I dont feel like i have accomplised what I need to here. I felt like I would change cities because I have been here for 3 transfers already. But i exercised faith and you could say I had a heart to heart with Heavenly Father. But in the end I said I know it is in your hands. After that i waited. THe entire last week I worried about it but prepared myself to accept to leave. And Friday came and President finally called around 4 and he only talked with Sr. Royer. When she hung up she started crying and said, "you are staying and Sr. Brunt is coming. And i am being sent to Marseille to be in a Trio." I literally wanted to jump up and down. I was so excited. I thank my Heavenly Father to be able to stay. And with Sr. Brunt. She was in the MTC with me for 3 weeks. I love her. This is going to be a good transfer!! I am so excited!!!!!! I love this city and I love the people here. I know that Heavenly FAther has prepared people for us to find and to teach and it is up to us to work hard and to find them. And with it Christmas time what better message to share than the true meaning of Christmas. I have really realized this week that I have been selfish and until the last few days have not really thought about the true meaning of Christmas. It has hitme in the face this week as we have contacted a couple of different people one man has been homeless for a long time. We passed by him not really thinking to talk to him but something pushed us to turn around. a memeber had given us some packaged soup and we gave it to him. He was very grateful. He told us a little about him that he has been on the street since his mom died a couple of years ago. He has nothing he lives on the street and sleeps where he can finda place. As I walked home i thought about all the blessings i have more than anything i have a family who loves me a I have somewhere to call home I have food to eat.Another time day we were contacting and ran into another man who 2 weeks ago had everything. A job, a wife, a home and now he has nothing. he is sleeping at the red cross and has one sack of belongings. He didnt have much hope, There wasnt much we could do for him.And encore we have a lot of single sisters in the ward and amis as well that will spend Christmas by themselves. They dont have family close so they will spend Christmas by themselves. I really got to thinking. Christmas is the time to celebrate the birth of Christ and to think of all the things he has done for us. To do something for someone else; to look beyond what we need or want and find someone who could use a helping hand. We have decided I dont know how we are going to do it but we are going to do some kind of christmas meal at the church and invite these people that are all alone. I realized i dont need anything i have all my needs taken care of. It took seeing so many people who have nothing and who are alone to realize that is the reason for the season. the lights the decorations add to the atmosphere and remind me everyday that there is so much i can give to others. more than anything I have the opportunity to share the gospel.I love this time of year. I love what i am doing. I am so excited for this new transfer. TO continue to serve the Lord and to share the real meaning for the season!Have a good week!

Work hard and travel safe!


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