Monday, December 28, 2009

December 28, 2009

During the week we had found some clothes that other missionaries had left in the apartment and put ribbons on them, then prepared some cookies to give out to people on the street. Then as we were walking we gave them our to homeless people. There was one guy that I was really touched. He was sitting on the side of the road begging for money. That day it was really cold. He had a skimpy jacket, a t-shirt, and a pair of jeans on. That day we actually didnt have anything but Sr. Brunt saw him as we passed took off her purple gloves and went and gave them to him. since that day I have thought about how Christ gave everything. She showed me such a great example that day. She was cold yet she didnt care he needed them more than she did. The real spirit of Christmas wasnt in those big fancy meals. They were in the little moments with Sr. Nazeoff, the homeless people, talking to you.
We had some really cool experiences this week. We were able to go to Toulouse for our Zone Conference. The morning was the usualy meetings and very spiritually up lifting in the after noon we had a talent show. Then we were able to go caroling. There were about 40 of us missionaries in a huge park. It was so much fun to sing for the people . i dont know if we really sounded good but really did make some noise. it was fun to watch the people that stopped and listened.
Yesterday we had the coolest thing happen. Sr. Brunt has a super bad cold and could barely talk yesterday but still wanted to work so we were doing some pass backs. We had planned to go and see this lady but when we got to the corner of the road we saw her husband and little girl coming out of the bread store. He doesnt really like us so we decided we would wait and go to see someone else. We had turned the corner and ran We contacted this lady. At first she said in english I dont speak French. We were like oh well that is ok we speak english. As we started to talk to her she. she saw our tags and was like "normally I wouldnt have stopped to talk to you if I would have seen you tags. and if you would have been two men I would have just ignored you, but I guess you talk about Jesus. What is it you do exactly?" We ended up talking to here for bout 20 minutes. Her name is Hieka. She has been here for 4 weeks. inthat for weeks she has been thinking a lot about Jesus Christ. She said that she was glad to have talked to us. She isnt too sure about what we said but she said she feels good about it. It was such a cool experience. And amazing to see how Heavenly Father helped us to find her. He knew we needed to turn and go down the other road and not follow what we had planned.
I am so grateful for the Holy Ghost who helps us along the way that even with little things he helps.

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