Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday, July 26, 2010

Yesterday we had one of the most spiritual and most incredible experiences I think I have had since I have been on my mission. After church we ahd an appointment with our ami Amed. He had told us when we got the the tram stop to call us and he would come and meet us. Well we get there and call but he didnt answer. WE stood there for a minute and thought well what can we do? We knew which apartment building he lived in but not which aprtment number(plus it was a 17 story building) But we felt like we should go and look at the mailboxes for that building and see if we could find his name. Well we found 2 boxes with the name Amed and siad we will try them and see what happens maybe we will find him. So off we go to the 7th story. We ring the doorbell and a young man comes to the door. I recognized this young man. We told him that we thought we were looking for our friend and we must have guessed the wrong apartment. He looked at us really confused and was like no but how did you find this apartment. we were like just randomly.
To give a little bit of backfround I had contacted him back the first week I had been in Bordeaux and it was a very humbling and a great teaching experience for me to say the least. AT that point he didn give me his number or anything. I had prayed that maybe I would see him again. But had kind of forgotten about him. Until the other day I had the thought just wondering how he was and if he had prayed.

SO to continue with the story. His name is Salim. He started to tell us that he had been praying out on his balcony and asking GOd for help with some problems he is having. SO that is why he was so confused that we had showed up at his house. He came out in the hall and talked with us for a few minutes. I cant give you all the details but I can say the spirit was very strong. We talked about why we are here in this life and how God answers our prayers. We gave him the Plan of Salvation Brochure. he trembling hands he read the first page.

THe spirit was strong and was there. I know that it was not just randomlly that we knocked on his door last night. Heavenly Father has been preparing him. and needed us to see him last night. I have no doubts that this is the work of the Lord. He leads and guides us his hands to be where he needs us to be. He really know each of his children and what they need and when they need it.

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