Tuesday, July 20, 2010

July 20, 2010

We had two amis that were supposed to come to church Jahwajah and Hademou, but for one reason or another they didn't come. Bus while we were in Relief Society Sister Lazof came in. We are working with her and her husband and son to come to church. We had been there Saturday and had a great lesson with them . we had invited them to church again and they said they were going to come. WE prayed really hard that they would come because last week they had said the same thing and didnt come. When I saw them there I was jsut extactic! Even Brother Lazof had come! They stayed until right after sacrement meeting. THere is still a lot to work on with them but they CAME to church!
I love the Lord and am so grateful for all of the blessing that he gives me. Right before coming to write we were at Belal's! I love to go and visit him. Everytime he teaches us and it seems to be exactly what I need for that day or that moment. He just got back from a trip to JOrdan. He showed us all of his photos and discribed some of the things that he saw. THen he shared with us a couple thoughts about serving those around us. It was interesting I needed wht he said and he gave me someideas especailly for serving my companions and other. Even if it is just a simple sincere complement taht come from the heart that can do great things. He really helped me remember the importance of not judgine others. I find myself especially when we are contactin or in the tram and bus that I judges people by their appearance of whether or not they will be interested; But it doestn work like that.
I just remembered somthing really cool from this last week! The 14 of JUly is kind of like our 4 of July. And we were out in the streets talking to peopel and we stopped a man his name come to find out is Theirry. He was having a rough day. He said that maybe he would be interested talking to us another time. He gave us his address but that was it. Said pass and if I'm there we can talk if not viola.
Well we were excited anyway and thoght you never know. Well the next day We had just got back to appartment and were fixing lunch when the phone rang. I didnt recognize the number or the voice. Come to find out it was Theirry calling to tell us that he had told us the wrong house number, he ended up setting an appointment with us for Saturday. He is amazing. He is seperated from the mother of his 2 daughters. and only sees his daughters everyother weekend. It is really hard for him. Just in talking to him he is very sincere. He is searching for the peace that only the gospel can bring. We are excited to see him again this week.

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