Friday, July 16, 2010

July 12, 2010

We had 2 really neat experiences this week with a less active family. the Family Lazof. I had only ever met soeur Lazof, whenever Sr. Madsen et moi had stopped by she was there alone. But this time they were both there. WE asked themif we could sing and pray with them. they agreed. After we had sang We asked them about their conversion. They both went on to share the things that had touched them about the church. The spirit was really strong as the two of them bore testimony. That night I can truly sayt that the spirit led us to know what to say. We testified that the spirit was there right then and we asked them what we could do to help them to have the spirit in their home and te help them prepare to come back to church. Sr.: Lazof lit right up and said "you come here every Saturday night and you spend time with us." she then turned to her husband and said "we will have a good time without smoking or drinking." He agreed! SO Saturday we went and they had fixed us dinner. We ate then were sharing our little lesson with them. Brother Lazof was kind of anxious I still dont know why. As we finished we asked if we could just leave them witha prayer. He agreed and said he would even give it! As he prayed the spirit was really strong. He prayed with all his heart. He finished and said that he felt a heat come over him. It was a very neat experience. THey are sucha neat couple. We are going to continue to work with them.
It was really fun this week we ran into our amis and serge all over. Especially Serge- that was handy because a couple of times he was actually able to teach with us. I have to laugh because m companion think I am crazy but we really are learing to work together. THis morning we were street contacting. Sr. Walton said to us we should try and just smile wear a really big smile as we walk. so we did. We were laughing and having a good time. THere was a man that was walking towards us we said bonjour, he had a really confused look on his face and replied "how are you? " and just like that we got taking; we ended up talking of over 20 minutes. It was really a good conversation and we are actuallyu going to see him tomorrow too!
Honestly things are going well! I love being a missionary. Time is going by so fast. I cant even stand it.

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