Monday, August 3, 2009

August 3, 2009 - First Transfer

The big news first. Today was transfers. Sr. Bitanga and I both thought that we would stay together in Nice for another transfer but Friday night the assistants called and said I was being transfered Perpignan and would serve with Sr. Foulituu. To be honest I was really excited. I was ready for a change. I loved my time in Nice and am really going to miss it but I am excited to be ina new city.Saying good bye as always was not my favorite thing. THere are some members and amis that will forever hold a special place in my heart. But to back up a little bit We had a crazy week. It is deffinitely summer and very hot. It is always refreshing to climb on the tram or the bus for a moment of air conditioning. We had to travel to Toulouse so that I could do my medical paperwork for my carte that allows me to stay here. Tuesday we went as far as Marseille and worked with the sisters there for the evening. Then Wednesday we took the train for 4 hours to toulouse ate with one of the districts at the mission office went to my appointment then got back on the train to Marseille. i have to say my favorite part was to be able to see and talk with other sisters. Being in Nice we dont get to see them very often. Tuesday and Wednesday nights in Marseille we had companion exchanges. I loved every minute of it. I was able to work with Sr. Roca. We got talking and just getting to know each other. She told me something she learned when she had just started her mission she said remember to always "soyez vous meme." which means be yourself. A light all of a sudden turned on. for a couple weeks I have just not been content. but really I hadnt been myself. It was a great moment for me one of those everything makes sense now and I knew what I needed to do to be content. The rest of the exchange was fun it was good to learn different approaches for contacting and to be balanced in teaching; She is an amazing missionary.
Our testimonies the things we know the things the spirit has testified to us, no one can touch. I am so grateful for my testimony. i know this gospel is true. It wasnt something that I found or proved in chemestry lab or read in a book, it is things i have prayed about studied and learned by the spirit. No one can take taht away form us. Testifing is the strongest tool we have as missionaries. I'm grateful for this gospel for the knowledge of a Savior who loves me who is always with me who wont leave us comfortless.

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