Monday, August 24, 2009

August 24, 2009

Firday I was probably the best of the week. We had a rendez-vous with Celine she live way out of town so it was an all afternoon event but such a good lesson. She continues to read the book of Mormon and prepare for her baptism. I love talking to her she told me that she has been searching and prepareing slowly for this day and now she can hardly wait to be baptized. Her Husband is just as excited as she is. when we got back to Perpignan we had a Lesson with Cheik. I love to teach him. He always has such good questions and has a strong desire to learn more. It is an amazing feeling to see the light come on in some ones eyes and for them to start to understand their purpose here. We were at the church for the last Rendez-vous of the day with Christophe. I don't know if I have told you anything about Christophe so here is a little background. He is 42 and is basically starting his life over. He quit his job because he wasnt getting payed; He is also searching for an apartment. So he is starting new. our lesson with im was one of the most powerful lessons we've had; We had Jean-Luke and Christian, 2 members with us. The 2 Are absolutely amazing. They connnected very well with Christophe We started talking about the book of Mormon as the discussion went on we talked about how right now he is starting to rebuild his life and how if he builds on Christ and how Christ is a sure foundation. I cant explain how powerful Jean-Lukes testimony was. Heavenly Father really does prepare his childern to recieve the missionaries to receive his gospel. As we knelt to pray at the end the I really felt like Christophe is going to be baptized pretty soon. Oh how amazing the spirit is. The Lord prepares us to do his work and to help his children. I am so blessed to be here. It was very humbling yesterday we were invited to eat at a members house and as we sat and talked I realized that I understand French. I dont have to think about every phrase. Yes there are things I still dont understand but it is making sense. One funny thing about the family they have a son that is almost 16 and really I could have sworn that it was Jackson they act the same it was just funny. And a good reminder of my little brother.

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