Monday, August 10, 2009

August 10, 2009

Just this morning during our comp study we started planning our lesson for lext sunday; We get to teach the YW. I couldn't be more excited. As we were talking Sr. folituu explained that they dont do the weekly activities or activities at all. And our lesson something to the effect of how activites can help strengthen the YW. I am so excited to plan and maybe in some way help them learn to love young womens like I did. Like my mom, I like change. I really couldn't be any happier than i am right now. I love pergignan and my companion. Soeur Folituu is from New Callidonia. She was converted 8 years ago when she was 18. She is awesome. She does not speak english; that means I speak French all of the time. In just one week I am amazed at how much easier it is and how natual it is becoming. It is getting harder to write and speak english than it is to speak French. What a great blessing. I swear that she is happy all of the time which makes it easier for me to be happy. We sing and laugh and talk all the time as we are walking and while we are in the apartment and on the bus... ok so just all of the time. As for Pergignan it is much smaller than Nice. Iloved it the first day! As we pulled into town in the train and i saw the mountains in the distance, and then there are fields and open space. I honestly felt like I was a little closer to home. Something about the mountains and the feel of open space brings me comfort. i really think it is the small town girl in me. We walk alot here. there are buses but not nearly as many as in Nice and they dont always go where we want to go; Not only is that good for the health but for the contacting too. not only do we have the mountains in the distance but the sea is in the other direction. So really it is the best of both worlds.A lot of our work this week has been with less active members. This city is full of less active. I am seeing the importance of "being my brother keeper;" And helping the new members and those who could be struggling, to feel welcome and loved at church. and the importance of doing our visiting and home teaching. I pray that we will be inspired to say the right things and to really be able to help this ward become stronger. Yesterday it was fun to meet some of themembers. They are always excited to meet the new missionaries. They really love the missionaries. After church we had the opportunity to go eat with the family Oger. They are an awesome couple. they take turns coming to church each week because they have a little girl titan who is severly handicapped and cant come to church. It was so fun to be with titan for a few minutes. I was reminded of how special the handicapped are and also how much i miss Kyler.

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