Monday, August 31, 2009

August 31, 2009

It has been a good week. We finally had our zone conference. It was so refreshing. I was thinking about it this morning you know when you are hot and you take a drink and realize that you were really thirsty and could just keep drinking. that is how zone conference was. I didnt realize that I was so spiritually thirsty, I couldnt drink it in fast enough. It was areally good conference. President and Soeur Carter had been to their regional training the week before and had many things to tell us. I was suprised to hear that in Europe there is 70% inactivity. As you can imagine we talked a lot about how we can help the inactives come back. I am realizing more and more that working with inactives ia big part of missionary work. I have also realized the importance to do visiting and home teaching especially if it is someone who is less active because we have been working on contacting the members in the ward list that we dont know as we were talking with some of the other members and such asking about different memebers they dont know very many of the inactives. Its interesting too we are finding many members who have moved, a couple who have died, and some that have turned back to their previous religion. In the back of my mind I keep thinking about the words to the the hymn 220, "I would would be my brothers keeper, i would learn the healers art....I would be my brothers keeper Lord I would follow thee." I've always thought the parable of the lost lamb to be talking about the nonmembers the people who dont have the gospel but really it is also the our brothers and sisters in the gospel who have just lost their way. Its an important work to do.
I cant imagine being anywhere else than here serving the Lord. No it is not easy, nor is it always fun but it is possible and at the end of the day it is always worth it.

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