Monday, August 17, 2009

August 17, 2009

What an amazing week. It takes being humble and running and working all day and thinking that you have accomplished nothing then turning back at the end of the day and realizing the Heavenly Father was there everystep of the way and really blessed you in more ways you can count. THat is exactly how this week has gone. Tuesday was a perfect example of that We walked all day in the heat. Around 7:30 we had turned down this road to pass by and old amis apartment when I saw Didier. He had a crutch in one hand and 2 large bags full of groceries and he was walking veryslow. I said to Sr. Folituu I think he needs some help. When we asked if we could help him it was like a light turned on in his face. He was so appreciative. I dont know how he had walked so far already with the bags they were really heavy. We took the bags and walked with him to his apartment. Come to find out he makes the trip solo to get groceries every week and never has he had someone offer to help him. He is older and has many medical problems. It was a good experience to get to know him a little bit. We offered to help him each week. It is always so uplifting when you can serve someone else. He is there and always listening. Even on those days taht are long and frustrating he is there and helping us.

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