Monday, July 27, 2009

July 27, 2009

Our schedule was all thrown off this week. We had to get all of our stuff repacked Tuesday so that we could move WEdnesday morning. The couple that is called to over see the housing for the mission came and cleaned our new apartment then helped us move our stuff. Our new apartment is so much nicer than our old one. It is in the center of the city which is very helpful. We were unable to get all of our stuff moved Wednesday morning because of some trouble with the cops and not being able to park the car just outside the new apartment.....Wednesday night found us sleeping on our mattresses on the floor with boxes and suitcases all around. We didnt have our chairs or desks so w e ate and studied on the floor as well. It was kind of fun. Brother and Soeur Alanic and the elders finished moving our stuff over Thursday morning. Trying to get all moved took a lot of our time. and really it was spiritually draining. One would think that it would be a nice change of pace and a break from the work but really it was just exhausting.Walking and teaching all day can be tiring but just physically it is spiritually recharging. If that makes sense. Yesterday we had a really neat experience. We only had one lesson for the entire afternoon. We had just finished it and were walking to catch the Tram with Nelly(who had taught with us in the lesson) We were waiting to cross the road when I saw this lady that we Soeur Mongas and i had contacted a long time ago. I debated for a second whether to say anthing to her or not; lets just say that i followed that promting. Next to her was a young man, named Karim. He asked us something then we started talking. the other lady left but Soeur Bitanga, Nelly and I stood and talked to karim for close to 2 hours. REally the time passed really quickly. We fixed a Rendez-vous with him for tonight. The Sporot really touched him. As we were saying goodbye he said there is something different about you. i could see the light in your eyes. As we walked away we talked about what a miriacle that was. we are only in that area maybe once a week. Heavenly Father really does direct us to find those that are ready, those who have been prepared.It was really a testimony builder for me that even those little promptings are important to follow. The lady is not interest in the gospel but because she was there we found Karim. On saturday I was so grateful to have rules. We have been teaching this single man that is in his 50's. He has seemed really interested and read and was full of questions everytime. In a Rendez-vous earlier in the week we engaged him to come to church he said that he was scared to come so w e suggested that Saturday w e could all go to the Church and we could explain a little of what goes on during the meetings. As hard as we tried we couldnt find a sister of the ward to go with us so when we got to his appartment we said we couldnt ride in his car with him but that we would have to take the bus. well come to find out he really didn't want to go he wanted us to go in his car. As we continued to talk we foudn out he wasnt reallyinterested in the church but in us.If we didnt have rule about being alone with people of the opposite sex we could have been in a lot of trouble. I will forever be grateful for the mission rules and the commandments because really they for our goodthey dont take away our freedom they actually protect us and give us more freedom. I know with all my heart that Heavenly Fathere watches out for the missionaries. He leads us and hleps us when we are willing to do our part. I look forward to this new week to move forward and progess in the work of the Lord.

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