Monday, July 13, 2009

July 13, 2009

I have to say that this week was a week of miracles and jsut really good lessons. On Saturday we had a lesson with a new amis; He had been contacted by the other sisters in January and agreed to meet with us. His name is VIn and speaks English. I was excited to teach a lesson in English. During the lesson the spirit was so strong. It was a lesso unlike any other i've ever had. He really has no religious background. It was very humbling to teach him how to pray then teach the Restoration. Not going to lie i went into the lesson a little big headed thinking that it will be easy to teach in English. Let me tell you it wasnt. yes i did have the vocabulary but when I teach my mind thinks French, it was very humbling. The Spirit really is the teacher in all lessons. I think I have said this before but I dont know for sure but this ward loves to eat together. since most of them live a little ways from the church they bring the stuff they need to prepare a dish for a picnic. Normally they eat together after a baptism, fast and testimony meeting or if they have an activity during the week. but yesterday there was a group of them that decided to have a picnic just because and invited us to stay. I had a really good time just alking witht he members and helping prepare the food. Until Friday I hadn't tried anything that i absolutely didn't like. Friday we ate with some members. Soeur Aslin had worked with us earlier in the week and she said she would make some african food for Soeur Bitanga. She made this chicken (that was really good), and this stuff called foofoo. It was so grose. I dont even know how to explain it. if was goopy and kind of like bread dough. litterally it made me gag. i tried my hardest to pretend that I like it. but Soeur Aslin knows me well enough and could tll i didnt like it. I hope that i never have to eat that again. One last miracle for the week yesterday we were in a parking lot waiting to meet someone when we saw Anastacio. He hadnt come to chruch and he hadnt answered when we called after. come to find out he had locked himself out of his house and didnt have his phone. But we were talking with him and following up on his reading in the BOM and his prayers; he said that He finally received his Answer!!!! He knows it is true. It was a really neat experience.This work is amazing. It is really the work of GOd on the Earth. There is no place i would rather be. It is not easy but every minute is worth it.

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