Monday, June 1, 2009

June 1, 2009

This is from todays email from Jenni:

This week has been a good week. I can't believe how fast it went. I have realized how blessed I have been my whole life to live in Utah with so many members and so many temples. Soeur Mongas and I have taught about temples a coulpe times this week the picture we use is a picture of the Salt Lake temple. For the saints here it is mearly a dream to one day go there. Not even to go in but to just see the Salt Lake Temple. We were talking one morning about temples in general and Soeur Mongas Explained that the saints here dream of the day that they will have a temple in France. FOr them they have to travel 7-10 hours to get to the nearest temple. They go for a week and do work every day for that week. I was thinking how at home there are 10-12 temples within a 7 hour drive. Because they are so close we don't realize what a great blessing it is. I will forever be grateful to have the temples close. French is still coming. Each day I understand something new. I finally figured out that if I write it down what I want to say I remenber it better.We continue to teach Anistacio he is progressing really well. I can't remember exactly what it was we were going to teach him the other day but that morning I practiced and wrote down what I wanted to share. Throughout the day i continued to run through it in my mind. When we finally got to his house and started teaching I was able to say what I needed to. It was pretty smooth coming out of my mouth. i know that Heavenly Father was helping me. I realized after taht lesson too how much you grow to love a person that you pray for and study for. You can't really help but love them. I realized that night that it is possible to love people that you don't understand and have know only for a short time. So I have to explain a little about Nice. Everyone here lives in apartments. the first floor of most apartments is usually little shops. These shops are so cool. Above these is apartment 5-7 stories of apartments. there is no such thing as a house here in the city. when you go farther out there are some. So that has been really weird. Our house is a mansion compared to these apartments. I laugh because most of our amis live on the top floor too so if there is no elevator we walk a lot of stairs :) and to get into the buildings it is like on the movies you have to find the name of the person and then push the call button to call up to their apartment to see if they are home. Its so crazy. Another thing I love is each morning along the sides of the road there is basically a farmers market. Everyone is selling their fruits, veggies, or flowers. They set up around 8 in the morning and take down around noon or 1. It really is the coolest thing. Mom you would love it! Most people will go down and buy only what they are going to eat for the day. and do that each day. Things are still going well. I love you! the work is going well I can't complain. I pray that I am doing the best i can each day.

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