Monday, June 15, 2009

June 8, 2009

This has been a weird week. We had a "bleu's conference"(conference for all the missionaries that got here the same day as I did) at President's on Wednesday. so tuesday night Soeur Mongas and I went and said with the sisters in the next city. She stayed there while me and Soeur Call went to Toulouse. it was an early morning. the train was supposed to leave at 615am. Soeur call and I were sitting on the Train and they made an announcement that we didn't really understand we got the jist that the train was being delayed for 2 hours. SOmeone farther down the track had jumped infront of the train. No trains were coming or going. That was an interesting couple of hours we had to figure out how to work the payphone because they don't take change you have to buy a special card for them. It was quite comical. The rest of the day was amazing. It was really good to be back with my friends from the MTC. We had so much f un sharing stories. WHen we finally got to Toulouse Soeur CArter had made us an amazing lunch!!! We got some great counsel from President and played a french game. President is awesome! Needless to say felt revived and ready to take on the world. The days are kind of blending together. I can't remember what happens which day. But I love it! We have had some awesome lessons this week. Anastacio continues to progress. I don't know if I told you this but he loves to cook for us. and he is a really good cook! It is a good thing that we walk a lot. This week has really been a testimony builder for me of the importance of the plan of Salvation. We have two new amis that are Jehovah's Witness couple. They are very interesting to teach. Their doctrines are so messed up. I don't get it at all. It is so mentally exhausting. I loved fast and testimony meeting yesterday. THere is one language in the gospel everyone understands and that is the language of the spirit. there is such power in someone's simple testimony. there were many that I didn't understand with my mind but with my heart i kenw exactly what they were saying! It was an absolutely amazing feeling. They do a big lunch after the block. It was pretty fun. everyone Brings something and they have a picnic of sorts. Today we went to Monaco! It was so pretty there. It is a very clean city. We went with some of the elders in our zone. they all went to an aquarium but soeur Mongas and I wandered around this really cool garden and were just outside. For me that was perfect. We were really close to the sea and could hear the waves crashing against the rocks. The Our bishop has a restaurant in Monaco so we decided to stop in and see if he was there. He wasn't but his wife was and she gave us lunch. I had a calzone!!! when I say a calzone it was huge and tased absolutely amazing!! Deb could take some serious lessons. I couldn't eat it all. then she gave us dessert! Basically she gave us a 20 euro meal for free. She is amazing! the Members here are awesome. THey love to feed the missionaries and are always willing to come teach with us. So in answer to someone's question I love the food! I do have to say that some of the cheese is nasty. I love the nutella, and the bread. I do have to say that miss my peanutbutter. They don't have it here and the french people think it is disgusting.

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