Monday, June 22, 2009

June 22, 2009

As for the weather you could send some of that rain here I would love it! It is getting very hot! I don't know exact temperature but i do know that in our apartment when i went to bed last night my alarm clock said it was 81. For the most part it is just hot right now. The humidity is something else. i feel like i have this oily nastyness all the time on my skin. At night it does cool off a little. And during the day it is always a belssing when the wind of the sea is blowing. I am my mothers child i hate it when my feet are hot Soeur Mongas just laughs when the first thing I do when we come in is take off my shoes. The heat doesn't stop the work. We continue and work and work some more.
I have to tell I had the coolest experince this last week. In the time that i have been here I have witnessed 6 baptism's, 2 children and 4 converts. By far the baptism on Saturday was the best one. His name is John. He met Angilque ( a memeber in our ward) sometime ago. and Through Angie's example started taking the discussion. I haven't had the chance to participate in teaching him but we have had dinner with them a few times. John has been a great help for me and ever so patience to talk wih me. So the baptism the spirit was so strong during the program, then as I saw him walk into the font and Elder Mayo baptize him the spirit was so strong again. It is the nbest feeling to know the conversion story of someone and watch as they make their first covenants with our Heavenly Father. Then while we were waiting for them to get dressed. We sang "Je suis enfants de Dieu" (I am a child of God) I was thinking about the words to the song. Literally we are all children of God. And that he will lead and guide me if I let him. He walks beside each of us. What a great knowledge that is. I am so grateful that he sent me to you, my family. And that we are an eternal family.

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