Wednesday, May 27, 2009

May 26, 2009 Update

This is an update and recap from Jenni's email this week.
So I was thinking a little bit about President Erying Talk a few conferences ago when he talked about looking for the tender mercies of the Lord each day. I've tried to do that and pay special attention to even the little miracles i see. I testify that it works. Right now we have two amis that are really progressing. the first (I can't remember if I told you about any of them last week so if I did sorry) Anistasio he is originally from Portugal he has learned French over the last few years. He is so humble and very prepared for the gospel. We had the chance to teach the plan of Salvation earlier this week during the lesson soeur Mongas talked a lot about baptism. At the end of the lesson he said someting to the effect that little by little he wants to follow, he feels all the things we tell him make sense and are true. The spirit really has touched his heart. Friday and Saturday this last week were fruitless days. all of our appointments cancelled and all of our passby people weren't home either. So we didn't really get anything accomplished. Saturday night during planning we planned Sunday with 5 lessons all with different members and we were also fasting with one of our amis. We prayed that all of our lesson's would go through and that Rossni would get her answer. Sunday morning we got up and went to church. I was really excited because I could enderstand just a little more than I could last week. right after was our first lesson with Rossni. Usually during the lesson she will mostly listen, when ever we would ask a question she would give really short replies and not say much in general. On Sunday we watched part of the Special Witnesses video then Soeur Mongas was talking to her trying to ask quetions to get her to say something. Finally she asked the right question. (don't ask me what it was because i really didn't understand.) She started crying and got up and walked out. We waited a minute then followed. She completely opened up. She admitted she had a testimony and that she knew what we had been teaching was true. It was a really cool experience to see how sometimes it takes asking the right questions and not settling for an easy answer to get someone to talk. The rest of our lessons Sunday worked out. WE were able to find 3 new amis and teach all of our lesson's with a member. Heavenly Father blesses us so much when we give all that we can and do our best. Yesterday was Zone Conference. It was actually combined with another zone so we had to go another town about 3 hours away from here. I can't remember what it is called. We had to catch our train at 6am meaning getting up at 4:30. so really i was up before you had probably gone to bed Sunday night. Crazy! I was so tired. On our way there I stared to have this mental struggle. Satan knew i was tired and he worke don me the whole way there. I started to feel so insecure with speaking and understanding French. We were traveling into another city that I wasn't familiar with, I started to think about home and my family it was just a bad struggle. When the conference finally started i treid to push it all aside and focus on what President and Soeur Carter were teaching. It kind of worked. But then after lunch I had a total break down and started crying. You know how I get when I get really tired and stressed. I felt so dumb. but after crying for awhile I felt better. The spirit really touched my heart and by the time we left the conference I was feeling so much better. Even today I have felt that I can do this there is no way Satan can talk be into giving up. no matter how hard it gets. I love this work. I'm trying to Love FRench and the French people. Heavenly Father is by my side helps me a lot.

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